Bermuda Underwater Caves

Although many of the 150 known caves in Bermuda have inland openings, most of them extend into the depth and go below the sea level. There are many underwater caves in Bermuda that average a depth of 18 to 20 feet below the water surface.  

Green Bay Cave Bermuda

Green Bay Cave is completely submerged and is the longest underwater cave system in Bermuda. It has underwater passageways that extend to over 1.5 miles. There are excellent and massive formations of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave that are visible to the divers. These formations indicate that once it was a dry cave. 
The main passageway has a large diameter, but there are countless other narrow tunnels that have formed a complex network of passageways. 
Reaching Green Bay Cave 
Although Green Bay Cave has couple of known entrances, the main submerged entrance is located off a bay in Harrington Sound in Hamilton Parish. You can reach Harrington Sound by bus #3 and then take a boat towards the cave entrance. 

Walsingham and Palm Cave

These are two other marine cave systems in Bermuda and located in Harrington Sound but opposite to Green Bay Cave. Walsingham Cave System is about 0.8 mile long and has seven entrances, out of which two are now popular tourist attractions. They are usually covered as part of the tour to Walsingham Nature Reserve, also known as Tom Moore's Jungle. 
The Palm Cave System has five entrances. The tidal water from Castle Harbor first enters the Walsingham Caves and the flows through the Palm Caves and then into Harrington Sound. 

Recent Discovery of Underwater Caves in Bermuda

Bermuda Environmental Alliance (BEA) has recently produced a stunning documentary revealing unexplored underwater caves and marine life in Bermuda. This five and half minute footage which is part of a mini-series of four such documentaries, was aired by Discovery Channel Canada. 
BEA, a newly appointed body, brought together conservationists, film makers, scientists and wildlife experts to create this footage. Three divers Gil Nolan, Leon Kemp and Bruce Williams ventured the dark waters around Castle Harbor day after day rehearsing the exercise. The underwater cave area here is about 2000 meters long and the caves barely explored. 
They tied the air tanks to their arms and not on their back so that they could squeeze through the narrow openings of the caverns. And what they have finally come out with are some never-before seen pictures of mysterious caves, labyrinths and marine life including fossils. 
The huge formations of stalagmites and stalactites inside the caves were clear evidence that the island was once at least 100 meters above the sea level, because such formations require dry caves filled with air. They have also collected bones of birds that existed even before the first human settlement took place in the island. 
Other coverage includes sponges and different types of plant life that were found on the rock surface. many of these are anti-cancerous and anti-bacterial in nature and are great revelations to the medical world. 
Reaching Castle Harbor 
Bus #10 and #11 come to Grotto Bay Beach Resort. A boat rental operator operates from the property of the resort. From here you can rent a small motor boat and take a scenic boat ride into Castle Harbor. Check out Boat Rentals in Bermuda for details. 

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