Redevelopment of
9 Beaches Resort Bermuda

The Eco friendly resort with its cabanas on the water - The 9-Beaches in Bermuda is closing down for redevelopment. A massive $55M renovation will be done to increase the number of units to about 150 from present nos. of 86. 
There will also be lot more amenities added along with upgrades of the cabanas, dockside restaurant and the lounge. There will also be addition of new public space and permanent accommodation units. The redevelopment will be done by Nordica Development Company. 
Located at the Daniels Head in Sandys Parish, 9-Beaches has been a private hotel built on a 17 acre land property of Bermuda government. The only other private hotel on government owned property is Coco Reef resort Bermuda. This redevelopment will be done through a public/private partnership. 
However, the resort will no longer be an ecological hotel as stated by the owner Mr. Dodwell. He feels that it was a mistake on their part to have taken that direction earlier. That's probably because they expected far higher occupancy rates. 
The construction work is likely to begin during the fall. Although the entire redevelopment is estimated to take about 5 years, the resort is planned to be opened in May 2011 with its first phase of renovation completed. 
The renovation includes a new reception area, a spa and fitness center, restaurant and bar facilities, swimming pools and a dock extension. 
The downside is that the resort is not available for several years. In the short term, this will be disappointing for the staff and for those visiting tourists who love to stay at this Eco friendly resort in Bermuda. However later with its enhanced accommodation and amenities, 9-beaches will provide better services to guests and offer more jobs to the locals. 
The final plan is to have a first class, mixed use development in a modernized Bermudian theme. The resort will most likely include lease-back units as well as traditional rooms.  
Update July 2013: The redevelopment program is expected to continue until late summer of 2015 and until then the resort is likely to remain closed. 

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