Moongate Supper Club Bermuda

There is a new Supper Club being introduced in Bermuda called the Moongate Supper Club, run by two young ladies Ms Cherie Dam and her friend Martha Hatt. So why this supper club? This is an Australian concept where you get an opportunity to meet people beyond your own friend circle over a supper or dinner. The basic focus is on expanding your circle over good food and sharing your passion on food with others. The supper club will host dinner every month and the venue will vary. The first one is being held at the Bacci Restaurant of Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Venue will be decided mostly based on the recommendations from the members of the club. 
There is no membership fee for joining the club. As you enter the venue, you will be received by a dedicated host who will be responsible for making you comfortable, taking you to the bar to offer you a drink and introducing you to the other members of the Supper Club. There is a seating map that will be given at the venue.  
The prices vary between $60 to $100 depending on the venue, food and activities. The charges are usually all inclusive and includes, service from a host, Coffee or Tea, a three course dinner and gratuity. However it does not usually include any alcoholic drinks. 
Often you will be able to sit around with the Chef of the restaurant and understand all the internal details that go on in preparing the gourmet food dishes. You may also get some excellent tips of preparing some innovative items. 
The supper club is also trying to tie up with nightclubs and other venue where the members can have opportunity to dance following the dinner. 
The accommodation is limited. So members will be accommodated on a first come first served basis. 
Location and Contacts 
They publish every upcoming monthly event in the Facebook. Search with "under the moongate supper club" in facebook and you will find them. 
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