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Cambridge Beaches Resort

Located inside the Cambridge Beaches Resort at the western end of Bermuda (in Sandy's Parish), this is one of the great and full service Spas in the island. Other than spa offerings with a wide range of treatments, Ocean Spa also has facilities like a Roman style pool to relax, quiet meditation garden, a lap pool, herbal sauna, fitness center and a steam room. 
They also use top of the line products that includes Sothys of Paris, Face and Body Care, Aroma Therapy Associates of England and Spa Rituals and such. Offerings from Ocean Spa includes: 

Body and Mind related

They offer an array of natural therapies to reenergize the body and mind. It includes exfoliation, different kinds of body massage including traditional Indian head massage and so on. There are offerings available for couples as well.  
Some of the well known treatments include: 
-Aroma Therapy 50/80 minutes (Massage with select essential oil) 
-De Stress Muscle Release 80 minutes (full body massage releasing tension and stress) 
-Deep Tissue Massage 25 to 80 minutes (releases muscles, tendons and ligaments) 
-Body Scrub 25 minutes (exfoliation) 
-Detoxifying Body 70 minutes (deep exfoliation with marine elements and detoxifying wrap) 
-Reiki 50 minutes (channeling universal life energy to heal body, mind and spirit) 
-Indian Head Massage 25 minutes (releasing tension and stress) and many more. 


Includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating mask, and instructions for maintenance back at home. Some of the main offerings include: 
-Aroma Therapy Facial 50 minutes (combines facial with oil based massage) 
-Classic Cambridge Facial 50 Minutes (this is customized by skin specialists for individuals) 
-Hydroptimale 80 minutes (the skin learns to auto hydrate) 
-Oxyliance 80 minutes (for stressed and tired skins), and more. 

Health Related

The fitness center at the Ocean Spa features treadmills, elliptical, a stepper, a recumbent bicycle and free weights. They also offer 80 minute Yoga classes on Fridays and Sundays. There are also roman-style relaxation pool with retractable sunroof, a lap pool, whirlpool, Steam Room, Mist Room, Shower and Herbal Sauna. 
The spa also offers pedicure and manicure services. 
Check out Cambridge Beaches Bermuda to know all about this great resort. 

Location and Contacts

Cambridge Beaches Resort, 30 Kings Point Road, Sandys, Bermuda 
Spa Phone: 441/234-3636 
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