Bermuda Regiment gets new colors


November 13, 2010

Regiment of Bermuda received new colors from her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester at the Bermuda National Sports Stadium. She is the colonel-in-chief of the Bermuda regiment. There was a large jubilant crowd that watched the event from the galleries. The Premier Paula Cox was also present in the dais along with Bishop of Bermuda and Hamilton Bishop. 
The colors are the banners that the military once used to rally soldiers into the battle field. Today, they are more like an army's proud possession. This was the second set of colors that was retired. It was presented on November 2, 1990 by Princess Margaret. The original or the first set of colors were presented in 1965 when the Bermuda Regiment was formed. 
At first, there were guard commanders who paraded and took position at the center of the field. The police motor cycles then came through the gate. This was followed by 21 gun salute. Once the guns fell silent, the royal motorcade entered the field. 
The duchess of Gloucester, who was wearing a pale blue coat and hat (as you can see in the picture above), was accompanied by Governor of Bermuda Sir Richard Gozney.  
She inspected the troops and exchanged a few customary words with some members of the regiment, while the band played 'Amaryllis'. 
Then the old colors of Bermuda regiment was taken around the field for the last time. The red jacketed corps laid down their drums on the field, and then the new colors were opened up to great cheers of the spectators. The Bishop of Bermuda consecrated the colors and the new colors were then marched by the drums troops playing the tune of the British National Anthem. 
The Governor saluted as the new colors passed and the duchess lowered her head in respect. 
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