Bermuda Professional and Career Education

PACE which stands for the Professional and Career Education is a continuing education arm of the Bermuda College. It focuses on training and career development of Bermuda's workforce and help them hone their skills in their respective job areas. PACE does not require any pre academic qualification or any minimum number of years of job experience from the candidates. The programs are usually quite cost effective and are provided through workforce development agencies. 
These agencies have been established through the joint efforts of the Government and the College. Some of the great advantages of such continuing education like PACE include 1) Quality and cost effective training that prepares for the right skills for future; 2) Creating effective links with local business, industry, and government constituents; 3) Emphasis on partnerships with local business/industry for training programs and workshops which are customer oriented. 
PACE also conducts courses and training programs that focus on the specific requirements of the organizations. 
Bermuda Professional and Career Education has designed their programs mainly based on the following four areas: 
  • Management training through ILM, BOMI and AMA;  
  • Legal training through ILEX programs;  
  • Customized workforce development programs using a mixture of external material and Bermuda College courses;  
  • Finance and Accounting with CMA and CPA programs. 
    Update June 2012: 
    PACE will offer the following certification programs in accounting: 
  • Association of Certified Chartered Accountants,  
  • Certified Public Accountant, and  
  • Certified Management Accountant. 
  • It has been observed that there are large scale professional opportunities in Bermuda in the field of accounting and there is acute shortage of domestic skills in this area. Most of the companies have been hiring such professionals from abroad. The interested candidates should get in touch with Bermuda College's PACE division (Phone 441/236-9000). 

    Location and Contacts

    Professional and Career Education (PACE) 
    Bermuda College, West Hall 
    Phone: 441/236-9000 ext.4117 

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