Bermuda Public Schools

Public schools in Bermuda are run by the government. They follow tiered structure including primary, middle and senior schools. In Bermuda, there are are currently 18 public primary schools, 5 middle schools and 2 senior schools. They together cater to some 6,000 students in Bermuda. 
In addition, there are 10 public pre-schools in Bermuda. The primary level is for 6 years, middle level for 3 years, and the senior schools is for 4 years. Since a Bermudian child needs to attend school up to 16th birthday, one needs to complete at least 2 years in the senior school if not all of the 4 years. The admission criteria for the primary and middle level schools are mainly based on the location of residence of the family. The senior school follows general admission. 
The main objectives of the public schools of Bermuda is to prepare the students so that they are able to best use their talents and ability in the practical field. The mission statement of the ministry of education of Bermuda in this context states that - †"The Mission of the Bermuda Public School System is to be the first choice in education by providing rigorous and stimulating learning experiences in safe, responsive environments from which our students emerge confident and prepared to contribute locally and globally". 
A student can get free education in public schools if one registers through the Ministry of Education. However all such teaching aids and scholarships are available only to Bermudian students, and not unfortunately to the children of other nationals living in Bermuda. 
The public schools follow Bermuda Course Curriculum as part of which they cover specific course work every year starting from pre school up to the final year of the senior school. On graduation from a senior school, the student receives Bermuda School Certificate. 
Berkley Institute and CedarBridge Academy are two senior public schools in Bermuda that also have option for GCSE and encourage students for sitting SAT if they plan for further education in a US university. CedarBridge Academy reported that many of their students attend universities in the US. The Canadian universities are also quite popular to Bermudian students as they are less expensive. The Black American universities such as Howard, Hampton and Morehouse are historically quite popular too. 
St. Johnsí University in New York that offers a College of Insurance, is also a popular choice of Bermuda students. 
Check out Bermuda School Programs to know how the grades or the education structure of the Bermuda schools compare with that of US or UK. 
Presently there are two focussed initiatives that are underway in the Bermuda Public Schools: 
1. Technology - Wide scale information technology (IT) access is being given to the students so they become IT savvy. The Bermuda Government realizes the importance of Information Technology in both personal and professional life of a human being. 
2. Key Literacy Programs: The program ensures that all students acquire high levels of literacy as they progress through the student career. There is a lot of focus in Mathematical literacy and its application in practical life, and also an emphasis on acquiring skills in arts and craft work. The high performing students are provided special after hour classes through external agencies. Through continuous assessment and guidance, all students are finally enabled to find their career directions. 
Here are the well known public schools of Bermuda: 
Harrington Sound Primary School 
44 Harrington Sound Road, Smithís 
Phone: 441/293-0561 Fax: 293-2475 
Heron Bay Primary School 
184 Middle Road, Southampton 
Phone: 441/238-0556 Fax 238-0591 
Port Royal Primary School 
6 Church Road, Southampton 
Phone: 441/238-0257 Fax: 238-8614 
Somerset Primary School 
11 Gilbert Lane, Sandys 
Phone: 441/234-1440 Fax: 234-3073 
St. Georgeís Preparatory School 
26 Church Folly Lane, St. Georgeís 
Phone: 441/297-0370 Fax: 297-2525
Clearwater Middle School 
2, St. Davidís Road, St. Georgeís 
Phone: 441/293-5017 Fax: 441/293-5041 
Dellwood Middle School 
1 North Street, Pembroke Parish 
Phone: 441/295-7404 Fax: 441/292-9327 
Sandys Secondary Middle School 
42 Scottís Hill Road, Sandy's Parish 
Phone: 441/234-1346 Fax: 441/234-3331 
Spice Valley Middle School 
60 Middle Road, Warwick 
Phone: 441/238-1770 Fax: 441/238-3076 
Whitney Institute Middle School 
59 Middle Road, Smithís Parish 
Phone: 441/292-1021 Fax: 441/292-9348 
The Berkeley Institute, Bermuda 
23 St. John's Road, Pembroke Parish 
P.O. Box HM 2704, Hamilton HM HX 
Phone: 441/292-4752 Fax: 441/295-5646 
Cedar Bridge Academy, Bermuda 
1 CedarBridge Lane, Devonshire 
Phone: 441/296-5665 Fax: 441/296-5555, E-Mail: [email protected] 

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