Bermuda School Results 2010

Recently the results of the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) for 2009/2010 academic year has been published. From the two public schools of Bermuda - Berkley Institute and the CedarBridge Academy, over 80% of the students have passed GCSE. 
The percentage of students passing has significantly improved compared to the previous year. However the Maths score has been quite disappointing. Although 70 out of 79 students who sat the mathematics exam had passed, only quarter of them received proficiency in the subject. 
Here is a summary of the 2009/2010 results from the two senior public schools in Bermuda
• 57 students sat the English Language Arts exam and 51 passed. 
• 70 out of the 79 students passed the Mathematics. Only 23% of them got proficiency. 
• 4 out of the 5 students passed the English Literature examination. 
• 76% of the students secured proficiency in English Language arts. 
• 198 of the 234 students that graduated from senior school had a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 
• 100 students received NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) core certificate. This certification denotes specific skill level in the industry driven standards in the construction field. 
• No senior level student could rank above or at the midpoint in the Terra Nova tests. The results of this test helps to compare the results of students in the US. So its clear that the public schools in Bermuda put up a poor show when compared to the standards of U.S schools. 
However the Education Minister of Bermuda maintained that "Students at this level undertake a barrage of tests and the Terra Nova is not one student consider crucial to graduation requirements". 
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