Juice 'n Beans Cafe Bermuda

$, Coffee/Light Bites 

The cafe was earlier located on Front Street, Hamilton. They closed down and re-opened in November 2016 (10 months after closure) in a new location on Court Street, Hamilton. Mangement is the same.
Juice and Beans cafe is located on Court Street of Hamilton City. It's a perfect place to have your coffee sitting on a couch sofa or a high back chair at the counter. You can read the magazines and newspapers provided by the cafe, or watch the people go by Front Street while sipping your coffee. 
Juce 'n Beans is a family run business managed by Ashley Bean and her mother Anjula Bean. Opened in August 2009, this Vegetarian cafe has become quite popular with the locals. Earlier they used to serve chicken, tuna salad, wraps and sandwiches. Now they have dropped the non-vegetarian dishes to cater to the vegetarians and vegans in the island. There is a chef who prepares dishes with Indian flavor like potato curries, vegetable medleys, chickpeas, samosas, kati rolls and roti with basmati rice etc. 
During the winter time they concentrate on hot food. During summer, salads and sandwiches are also available. You can get meatless chicken sandwiches and fishless fish fillet sandwiches here. One of the highlights of Juice 'n Beans cafe is the great coffee and the variations they serve including Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Americano, and Macchiato. 
There is also the popular Sumatra Blue Batak drip. The coffee here is really nice and has everything the way it should be - creamy and correctly sweetened. Most importantly, it is far less expensive compared to other places in Bermuda. 
Other than great coffee, they also serve tea and signature fruit smoothies made out of crushed fruits. The smoothies do not have added sugar and they generally use soy milk for the milk based smoothies. You can ask for skimmed milk though. They use only fresh fruits. 
Some of the most popular smoothies includes the Strawberry Classic, Mango Tango and Berries A'More. Try out the Match Green Smoothie which is one of my favorites here. Some of the popular breakfast items here include bagels, muesli, granola and fresh fruit parfaits. 

Open Hours

Open daily till late at night. 
Winter Hours 
Monday to Thursday 7:30am until 9pm 
Friday and Saturday 7:30am until 11pm 
Sunday 1pm until 6pm 
Summer Hours 
Monday to Saturday 7:30am until 11pm 
Sunday 1pm until 8pm  

Location and Contact

55 Court Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda 
Phone: (441) 292-6454  

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