Cost of beach party at Snorkel Park Bermuda

We will be arriving on a cruise ship on May 28th (Royal Caribbean). We want to attend the Island Beach Party on May 30th and wanted to confirm that we would not have to book this as an excursion with the ship. The excursion with the ship is $58.00 per person including the barbecue meal, but if we can attend the party without the meal, we would rather do that.  
Also, is it still free to attend the party and do we need to make reservations? 
Becky (February 2011) 
Hi, You will need to make a reservation for the beach side dinner and that includes all the entertainment at the beach party like live music, dances and shows. If you have booked for the beach party, there is no separate entry fee required to enter the Snorkel Park beach. 
I would suggest that you write to Snorkel Park at [email protected] to know about the reservation charges for the current season. It can be much lower than what the cruise line is asking for. If you don't get a response, call up Snorkel Park at 441/234-6989. 
Raj ( February 2011