A Honeymoon Experience in Bermuda
Story of a Visitor

Having worked 16 years in the travel (airline) industry, I had the good fortune to fly and stay, virtually gratis, to many lovely, and some not-so-lovely, destinations... I had become somewhat disenchanted by the time I had to choose a honeymoon destination for myself and my husband-to-be in August of 1985. 
One night friends of ours who had just returned from their own honeymoon in Bermuda, invited us over to view the home movies of their vacation. I sat there ready to be bored to tears at yet another sunny vacation spot with the usual pretty beaches, crystal clear water, and tourist trap attractions. Suffice it to say that when we left their home that night we had seen enough to decide to book a Bermuda honeymoon. I should mention that we are both diving enthusiasts and history buffs... 
On August 31st, 1985, our American Airlines 737 touched down on a Bermuda runway, and this jaded traveler has never been able to find a subsequent vacation destination which can even come close to all that Bermuda is and has to offer... 
For ten days we experienced fine service, unsurpassed hospitality, a pristine island devoid of the usual littered streets, tourist traps, unsavory types who roam the beaches intent on taking advantage of unwary tourists. We actually DRESSED for elegant dinners, enjoyed tea and the infamous Rum Swizzles, were spared the sight of g-string bikini clad tourists (sans tops) on our stretch of pink beach just outside our room.  
We dived some of the most beautiful reefs and even explored several shipwrecks... We rode our mopeds around the island from St. David's light to Sandy's Parish, visited the forts, the Maritime Museum, the crystal caves, and we strolled Front Street in Hamilton and later stopped at the Hog Penny for Rum Swizzles. 
Everywhere we went we were treated to genuine friendliness and hospitality, invited to tea, and the pleasant company of Bermudians who were happy to suggest places we might enjoy seeing that were not on the little map of the island we carried with us on  
our daily jaunts... 
I should make mention of the fact that while we were there, Robert Ballard of our hometown's Woodshole Oceanographic Institute discovered the wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic and we spent several nights over cocktails with fellow tourists and Bermudians in deep discussion about that... 
We left on day 10 with heavy hearts; a feeling new to this world weary traveler. We took with us not only our duty-free purchases, but phone numbers of new friends we had made and an abiding love for the tiny little jewel of an island we had discovered. 
Each year thereafter, we returned there on our anniversary, until my husband passed away in 1996. I treasure the memories of our time spent in Bermuda and hope to return someday soon. The last few years we traveled to Bermuda we stayed at The Reefs. The accommodations are exceptional, the beach, amenities, food, service and attention to your every need is unsurpassed by any hotel I have ever stayed at. 
Christine Contilli, April 10, 2012 
Brewster, Massachusetts 

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