Kids Spa in Bermuda

The concept of kids spa for young girls is catching up fast in Bermuda following the trend in the US. There is one such spa which has come up in Hamilton City on Victoria Street called Inner Beauty Kids Spa. The spa is operated by Kim and Tony Roberts who earlier owned a Salon and transformed that into a spa for children. 
The kids would no longer have to go to adult spa and pay the price for an adult treatment. Instead the mother can accompany the girls and can also get a therapy at this kids spa. There are combo packages offered for both mother and the child. 
The spa offers a range of services for young girls between 3 to 16 years age. The main services include: 
1) Manicure: It starts with a soak, followed by a hand massage with a lotion and then manicure and polish. Rate: $15. 
2) Pedicure: Starts with foot soak and massage, then followed by pedicure and polish. Rate: $20. There is also a manicure and pedicure combo offered for $30. 
3) Facials: Done using natural ingredients and cucumber pieces on the eyes. A very smoothing experience. Rate: $20. 
4) Temporary Tattoo: Stencil based tattoo: Rate: $3 - $10 
5) Make up services 
6) Party Packages: The spa also offers party packages for a group of up to six girls to celebrate one's birthday etc (can be extended for a maximum group size of 10). The kids can be accompanied by two adults. Soft beverages are served. The birthday kid can also bring her birthday cake, lunch etc. 
7) The Spa also offers products on sale such as nail polish, nail files, make up kits, manicure kits etc. 
The team (therapists) at the spa are young ladies and have been trained by a Certified Spa Technician. 

Open Hours

Weekend operation only. 
Saturdays: 10AM – 6PM; Sundays: 11AM – 5PM 

Location and Contacts

71 Victoria Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda  
Phone: 441/292 4257 
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