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UPDATE: Destiny is no longer operating any public group tours since 2018.
They have a 78-ft modern and well maintained luxury cruiser MV Destiny which is offered for both private charters and regular group tours. The motorized boat has a maximum capacity of 100 persons. 
But if you plan to charter it, your group size should be within 85 for comfortable seating. The boat is 21-ft wide, has an air conditioned lower cabin, fully stocked bar, music system, couple of small toilets, and partially Biminy top covered upper deck. 
MV Destiny Cruiser, Bermuda 
MV Destiny Cruiser, Bermuda 
The boat has four glass bottom viewing panels and therefore excellent for Glass Bottom view tours to see the underwater marine life, corals and reefs. Another great feature of the boat is it's wheel chair accessibility with a ramp (both manual and motorized wheelchairs up to 700 punds). 
The boat was custom built and launched in February 2002. It's captained by Steven Brown who has loads of experience in Bermuda's waters. 
Since its launch, Destiny Tours has won several awards. Out of several departure points, they also operate out of the west end Royal Naval Dockyard
Some of the regular tours offered by Destiny Bermuda includes: 

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

They take you to the western water area showing you the partially submerged shipwreck the Vixen. You will also see the amazing marine life and corals through the glass bottom views. Along the way you will enjoy island drinks like Dark 'n Stormy, Rum Swizzle etc and hear commentary about Bermuda, its sea life, reefs etc. You will also get an opportunity to take a photograph of your cruise ship docked at the dockyard.  
The tour departs in the morning and afternoon from various places including Dockyard, Hamilton City, Grotto Bay Hotel Dock in Hamilton Parish. They also offer night glass bottom tours. 

Harbor Night Tour

Destiny is one of the few operators who offer boat tours to Harbor Nights in Hamilton City from the dockyard. This can be very convenient for the cruise ship passengers docked at Kings or Heritage Wharf. Out of the total 3-hours tour, two hours is spent at the Harbor Nights Festival in Hamilton City and 30 minutes each for both way travel. 
Large number of vendors set up stalls and booths on Front Street. They sell all kinds of items like local food and snacks, gift and souvenirs, art and craft, and many knick knacks. There are also Gombey Dancing and other street festivals. 
Tour Timing: Departs dockyard at 6:30pm, Departs  Hamilton at 9pm returning to dockyard at 9:30pm. 

Harbor Sightseeing and Homes of the Rich and Famous

In this 2-hour tour you will see homes of the opulent like Eugene O’Neil, William Denslow, President John F. Kennedy, Michael Douglas etc which can only be seen from the water. 
On your way you will pass by several tiny islands, hear stories about Bermuda and its people, enjoy island cocktails or beer etc. They have recently introduced buffalo milk. 
Time: 6:00pm Mondays and Thursdays. 

Chartering the MV Destiny

You can also charter the motor boat. It has a fully stocked bar, space for DJ and you can also engage a caterer for food service. 

Indicative Rates

Glass Bottom Boat Tour (90 minutes): $35 per person. 
Night Glass Bottom Tour: $40 per person (no children prices), duration- 2 hours 
Harbor Night Tour: $25 per person. 
Harbor Sightseeing and Homes of the Rich and Famous: $40 per person. 
Charter Rate: $650.00 per hour; A minimum of 2 hours is required per cruise. 

Location and Contacts

Phone: (441) 292-7103 / Cell: (441) 705-9509 
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