Peppercorn Diving Center Bermuda

UPDATE 2012: They have closed down.
Affiliated with Triangle Diving, Peppercorn offers an introduction to the underwater world with helmet diving if you're not ready to take on scuba diving.  
The excursion of helmet diving in Peppercorn lasts for about 2 hours while the dive time is limited to 30 minutes. During the helmet dive, you can take a leisurely stroll on a sandy bottom in shallow warm turquoise water amid spectacular coral reefs. There will be ample inquisitive tropical fishes feeding from your hand.  
No prior experience or training required. You can rent underwater cameras here. 
Peppercorn operates daily from April till early November between Monday through Friday. The boat leaves every two hours. This tour of helmet diving in Bermuda costs $50 per person. 
The boat departs from Ordnance Island, Town of St George Bermuda 
You can call (441) 293-7319 or Email [email protected] 
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