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Freeport Seafood Restaurant

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Freeport Seafood Restaurant is a family owned eatery. It looks like a typical sidewalk cafe with its blue and white appearance, and several picnic tables scattered on its outside patio with umbrellas. Seafood and steaks are the main offerings. The building in which the restaurant is located has been an eating place long since. 
From the late 1800s, the dockyard workers used to have lunch in this building. Later it was taken over privately by a person named Mr. Bean who converted it into a formal restaurant. In 1980, the restaurant was taken over by the current owners Valerio and Kathy Ausenda. The atmosphere in the restaurant is casual and friendly. 
The dining room with its many assortment of marine artifacts and memorabilia, reflects the traditional maritime theme. There are 8-10 tables inside. The restaurant is quite popular with the local Bermudians. The fish served is probably one of the freshest that you get in the island. We found fish platter particularly quite excellent. The serving style and presentation is nothing flashy as you would expect in a family run business. However the value for money is good. 
The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner. The lunch menu has burger platters, fish sandwiches, fish &chips, pizzas etc. There are also some curry dishes served with rice and with choice of chicken, lamb, fish and such. If you like Fish &Chips, this is the place in Bermuda. So what do you get? Lightly battered, thin filets of fish with no bones and great large cut crispy chips or French fries. 
The dinner menu is more elaborate and relatively more expensive. Broiled Bermuda rockfish or wahoo are our favorites. There are other nice seafood dishes like Freeport seafood platter, lobster tail etc. You also get nice Rib-Eye steaks, rack of lamb and traditional T-bone. The restaurant also serves a few pasta dishes, desserts and beverages. 
There is a small garden at the western side of the building which you can see from the dining room. There are different types of herbs and other plants in the garden. Some of the fresh seasonings used in the food are taken from garden itself. There is a provision for open seating in the garden and in the patio which provides a nice secluded atmosphere. 
The owner has expanded the Freeport restaurant to have an adjacent cocktail lounge. The cedar lined bar is also themed around maritime heritage of Bermuda and sports variety of flags. The newly opened Sushi bar is also part of this lounge. The sushi menu has nice selection of items including Tempura, Nigiri, Sashimi, Temaki, Norimaki and other dishes. There is also a small collection of wine available in the restaurant. 
The restaurant also has a take-out shop selling burgers and such. There are internet stations available at the restaurant (in a small extension known as Freeport Cyber Lounge) if you need to check your mails or surf the net. 
They accept credit cards. 
Update: The restaurant has closed down in May 2016 and is now Anchor Restaurant, Bar &Lounge

Indicative Prices

Soups &Salads: $6-$8, Appetizers/Starters: $12, Main Courses: $17 to $26. 
Standard Sushi items like tempura, nigiri, sashimi etc cost between $6 to $10. 

Open Hours

Freeport Seafood Restaurant is open daily between 11:30am-10pm. The bar stays open till around midnight. 

Location and Contact

Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandy's Parish, Bermuda 
The building is right inside the gates of the dockyard and to the west of the clock tower mall. 
Phone: 441/234-1692, Email: [email protected] 
Bus routes: #7, 8 (both buses operate between Hamilton and dockyard). 
Check out this Dining Map of Bermuda to see the location of Freeport Seafood. 
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