GPS for Bermuda Taxis


Jan 12, 2010

Bermuda's Premier Dr. Brown announced that all taxis in Bermuda must use the GPS system with immediate effect. 
The GPS device helps the dispatching agencies to locate the taxis and efficiently redirect them to the next passenger. It also helps the drivers to communicate with the agency. The fine is to the tune of $1400 per day if the taxi is found not having an active GPS device.  
This new legislation while good for the passengers and visitors, has had a tremendous reaction from both the taxi drivers and the dispatching agencies. 
Many taxi drivers have said that all the dispatching agencies do not consistently use the GPS device and therefore why should the drivers be responsible for this and take fines. Others have reacted by saying that due to the down turn in economy and therefore in Bermuda tourism, the drivers have been bad victims of the situation and are hardly being able to earn their livings. Under such circumstances why should such matters be rammed down their throat. 
It seems, there were large number of complaints during the Cup Match days and the Remembrance day that taxis were not easily available. That must have triggered the Bermuda Premier and the transportation minister to come out with such immediate measures. 
Dr. Brown said - "These amendments mean it is an offense not to have the GPS device switched on and in working order when operating a vehicle". 
It has also been directed that Taxis without the GPS in working condition will not be allowed to pickup passengers from the Ports of entry. 
Many angry taxi drivers have gone on strike and many others have been driving the vehicles too slowly as a protest to this law. 
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