St George Bermuda to rise from downturn


Jan 13, 2010

Mayor of St. George Bermuda said that while St. George is also impacted as a result of the economic slump worldwide, there are positive signs of recovery. It's a fact that a number of businesses including Carriage House Restaurant and Making Waves have closed down. 
However, he has given hopes that there are new businesses and shops opening up in St George's Bermuda. The Mayor, Kenny Bascome said "We keep on hearing about businesses closing, but we've had about four or five new businesses starting up in St. George's in the last few months". He also mentioned that several clothing stores have opened in the town recently, and more businesses, including a fish market, are expected to open in the near future. 
A Grocery Store called the Ample Hamper has recently closed down in St George. However the owner Ellie Jones said that she hoped to open a store on Water Street in the spring. 
"There are still plenty of people who believe in this town," Mr. Bascome said. "Carriage House was a blow, but I am confident that someone will re-lease that property". 
All this situation is arising out of the fact that there are lesser and lesser number of cruise ships that are calling the port of St George. In fact in 2010, there is only one cruise ship Veendam from Holland America Lines that is scheduled for St George.  
That too, Veendam will not dock at the St. George's port as it can't enter the port because of its large size. Instead it will be docked offshore at Murray's Anchorage. The passengers will need to be ferried to and from the cruise ship for visits to St George town. 
Situation looks grim? I think like always, this is another passing phase which will go away. St George is one of the prettiest places on earth and one of our favorites. It can't go wrong in the long run. 
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