Veendam to dock offshore at St George

Jan 12, 2010 
Veendam, the cruise ship from Holland America Lines is scheduled to make 24 trips to Bermuda from US in 2010. However, the ship will not be able to dock at the regular port of St George which is Pennos Wharf. Instead it will be anchored offshore at Murray's Anchorage. So that means that the passengers of the cruise ship will need to be ferried to and from the ship for making visits to St George Town.  
Dr. Ewart Brown, the Premier and the Minister of Tourism and Transport of Bermuda said -  “We had hoped the ‘Veendam’ would be able to navigate Town Cut and dock in St. George’s in 2010, however simulations have shown this will not be possible. This situation illustrates the challenge we have in regards to St. George’s”.  
The Premier also said, “Although the ‘Veendam’ will not physically dock in St. George’s in 2010, the tendering arrangement will still provide their guests with a St. George’s experience during their stay in Bermuda. It is often the case that cruise passengers who tender rather than dock stay longer in the destination, including having lunch and participate in activities. This also shows our commitment to keeping a cruise ship presence in St. George’s.” 
Earlier the Holland America Lines have been promoting the twin city tours (Hamilton City and St George) for its potential customers. However, due to the large size of the ship, it will not be able to get through the narrow channel of Town Cut in St George and reach the regular port. 
A ferry service will be provided for the passengers to come to shore. However this will be subject to weather permitting. The ministry is working out plans with the Holland America Lines for passengers participation in shore excursions and other activities. 
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