Bermuda Body Fitness Course
Small Circle Jujitsu Academy

There is a great Body Fitness Center in the island run by the Bermuda Small Circle Jujitsu Academy (BSCJA). One of the courses offered by the center is called the Ultimate Body Contouring program (UBC). 
UBC is a 10-week fitness course that includes a combination of resistance training, kick-boxing (for cardiovascular), flexibility, and a nutritional program. Well, if you are struggling to get your body into proper shape, and if jogging and the usual exercise is not really working for you, UBC is probably the answer. It's a fun way to reduce your weight while getting your body in shape. You will have things like punching bags, get to do 100 jumping jacks and use resistance bands to sculpt your muscles and a lot more to do. 
So how does it work? Before the program begins, there will be an assessment made on your present fitness condition. You will meet up the coaches and instructors along with your group who have registered in the UBC course. There are usually about 50 members in a group. It can be all women group or a mixed group that you can choose from. 
The assessment session includes sit-ups, push-ups as well as waist measurements and flexibility tests. They will also take your picture before the 10-week sessions begin. You will be able to see the eye-popping difference in your body weight and shape when they send you this picture and the one they take at the end of the sessions. I have seen people who are almost unrecognizable from the two pictures. 
As you do your exercises, there will be music playing at the background. You can sing along with the music that includes premixed versions of classics from Tina Turner, Madonna and others. 
You will also hear the latest chart-toppers like I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. The music part makes the sessions really enjoyable. 
Classes begin with half an hour of resistance work. There are usually four resistance bands used. The next 45 minutes you will be jumping and kick-boxing. This is the part which will really help you to improve your energy levels and lose substantial weights. 
Well, one of the shortcomings of the course is that the classes sometimes get quite packed and there may not be enough room for you to freely practice the leg kicks. In such cases the trainer would sometimes substitute the leg kicks with skipping, bouncing or doing wheelbarrow races across the room. 
However, a big plus for this course is that you get unlimited access to all of the classes which run daily in the mornings, lunchtimes and evenings. Also, it's a family run business and is very child friendly. Many women get their children here while they come for the classes. 
The course also includes social activities like recipe party, team challenges and a contest where you can win $500. I have noticed that many elderly people also come for the UBC fitness course. Although the course sounds like a hard regime, but it can also nicely fit in to the requirements of elderly people as well. 
You will also be given a a fully illustrated manual and a workbook that will help you to stay on track in future. 
The academy also runs other courses like Kickboxing and Martial arts (Jujitsu- Adult and Youth). 

Location and contacts

Bermuda Small Circle Jujitsu Academy 
23 Berkeley Road,  Pembroke, Bermuda 
Phone: (441) 292-9234, Email: [email protected] 

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