Shoreline cleaning in Bermuda


September 28, 2010

KBB (Keep Bermuda Beautiful) had organized an island wide event to clean up the shorelines of Bermuda. This activity was planned for September 18. But due to the Hurricane Igor, it was postponed. 
However, the Executive Director of KBB Anne Hyde stated that the postponement of the operation has created a greater impact and contribution to the island as Hurricane Igor left too much of litter to be cleaned up. 
Over 400 volunteers joined the cleaning operation from all across the island. The main contributions came in from the West Pembroke Primary School, Dellwood Middle School, families, the Paget Titans Youth group, the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club, Bermuda College, Dolphin Quest staffs and many others. 
The Parks Department of Bermuda and Works and Engineering Waste Collection teams had brought in trucks to carry away all he garbage collected. However, before disposing  them, every litter has been recorded so that overall statistics is known. This will be shared with the world soon. 
The volunteers cleaned up 27 shoreline areas that comprised of beaches, rocky stretches and national parks. They collected huge amount of litters that were swept ashore by hurricane Igor. These included large amounts of plastics, glass bottles and debris from boats and ships. 
All these had been littered primarily by people from fishing boats and others while outdoor picnicking on boats and ships. The glass bottles remain under the water for over centuries and can easily trap marine creatures like small fish. One of the volunteers found a bottle that was over 1000 years old. 
The North Atlantic Gyre, a huge swirling area of water in the Atlantic is said to be causing the main problems of accumulating the litters from all over the ocean and dumping them into the sea floor near Bermuda. 
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