Hurricane Igor, Bermuda


September 20, 2010

Hurricane Igor started building up on Saturday (Sept 18) and had picked up its highest speed of 93km (58 miles) per hour on the same night. On Monday (Sept 20), it has been gradually slowing down giving much awaited relief to the people of Bermuda. From an initial category-3 hurricane rating, it was subsequently reduced to category-1 as the eye of the hurricane did not directly pass through Bermuda. 
So what have been the damages caused by Hurricane Igor to Bermuda and its people. Well, at the time of writing, the aftermath of the hurricane is still being assessed by various agencies including Bermuda Fire Services, Bermuda Regiment, EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) and others including Belco - the power company of Bermuda. 
St George, the eastern end of Bermuda took a heavy battering. The King's Square which is the heart of the St. George town was completely flooded and looking like a swimming pool. Although most of the water has subsided through out the island, there has still been considerable excess water at St. Catherine Fort
BELCO, the Bermuda electrical power company reported that there has been a wide scale damages to their power systems all across the island. Many overhead power lines have been torn apart and now dangling on the streets. Power transformers have been badly damaged as well. As a result over 27,800 homes have been without power since Saturday evening. A telephone pole has also come down in St. Luke's Road at St. David's. 
The Bermudian ferry that was moored at the edge of St. George boatyard had broken free due to the storm lashing and has run aground. A yacht has run aground on Longbird Bridge. There have been lots of trees and branches that have fallen on the streets. Floating debris are visible in many places. 
67 residents of Bermuda, old to young had spent the hurricane time in CedarBridge gymnasium shelter, fearing that their homes would be unsafe. They were provided with beds and meals, along with some entertainment like cards, board games and such to spend time. Most came with books and overnight camp bags to spend the worst night of the hurricane. There has been no major casualties or deaths reported as a result of the hurricane Igor. 
Pink Beach Club in Hamilton Parish has received some structural damages due to the hurricane Igor. There are two guest cottages that have been badly impacted by the storm. The roofs of the hotel has also been damaged. Large amount rubble, seaweed and sand had been blown into the property by the gush of the storm. However, all guests had been evacuated earlier. 
Some of the homes at the western end at Sandy's have started getting power back. A large tree at the Mangrove Bay has fallen down. Bermuda Police has made a press statement: "There is reported property damage in various locations around the Island with some trees down and debris in the road. 
"Emergency services personnel are making their assessment of the damage at the moment and we would appeal for members of the public to please stay off the roads so they can carry out their jobs quickly and efficiently. 
"Despite earlier appeals for people to stay indoors we continue to receive reports of members of the public driving around to have a look at the damage and this is hindering the ability of the emergency services to do their assessments." 

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