The Yoga Center, Bermuda

The word Yoga means union - the union of body, soul and mind to enable health and well being. Although Yoga was first introduced in second century B.C., it is today practiced by people all over the world from different faith and backgrounds. The Yoga Center located in Hamilton City, offers instructions and practice in yoga asana, deep relaxation and breathing practices. There are beginners classes as well as advanced Hatha-II courses offered by the center. 
The Yoga Center was established in October 1994. It was then known as The Integral Yoga Centre which operated out of Spanish Point in Pembroke. Later it changed to its current name and moved to the heart of Hamilton City. 
There are several qualified yoga teachers who have more that 100 years of collective yoga experience. The center offers a wide range of Hatha Yoga classes -Gentle, Beginners, Pre-natal and Intermediate; there are beginners and advanced meditation classes, as well as stress management; and workshops and courses teaching Yoga principles. 
Some of the yoga styles practiced at the center includes Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Chakra Yoga, Christians Practicing Yoga, Yoga for strong abs and strong bones, Ashtanga etc. You can walk in or take a 12-week course. Meditation and pranayama courses and workshops are also held. 
"The teachings of Yoga range from how to keep the body healthy to finding everlasting unchanging happiness and peace,'' Mrs. Marshall, the director of the Yoga Center said. She stated that "The practice of Yoga addresses itself to every aspect of the individual: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social and leads to the understanding and mastery of one's own minds".  

Open Hours

Classes are held Monday through Sunday. Weekly meditation on Sundays from 4 to 5pm. 

Location and contacts

8 Victoria Street, Hamilton City (behind City Hall) 
P.O. Box HM 2853, Hamilton HM LX 
Telephone: 441/295-7525, Email: [email protected]

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