Summer time birds in Bermuda

Summer time which is between May to July is probably the quietest period in Bermuda in terms of bird activities. You can sometimes see the Longtails along the coastlines, also the resident Eastern Blue Birds who breed during this time. Sometimes Herons and egrets choose to spend the summer in the island. If you look around the ponds, you will likely see Shorebirds like the YellowLegs. 
During May-June, a great spectacle is the migration of the seabirds. Thousands of pelagic birds who spend most of the year over the ocean, migrate towards the north.  
The best vantage points to watch this bird migration are places like the Watch Hill Park and Devonshire Bay. The species includes Jaegers and shearwaters. You can even see the Arctic Terns who migrate for more than 10,000 miles from the Antarctic to the Arctic. 

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