Best Helmet Dive Operators in Bermuda

Hello, We (2 adults, 1 child, age 12) arrive King's Wharf on Tuesday, 19 April, 1300, onboard Carnival Pride. 
We've booked our 12-year-old for a Dolphin adventure on Wednesday, 1130, (takes ~ one hour) departing from the Bermuda Maritime Museum near King's Wharf, and all three of us are going on a Bermuda Highlights tour on Thursday, 1000 (~ three hours) leaving from the ship pier. 
We'd like to squeeze in a Helmut Diving adventure but I'm not sure that can be accommodated for all three of us on Wednesday, sometime after the Dolphin adventure (not sure what time we could make it back to your pick-up point) or on Thursday, although that would be later in the afternoon. 
So...please let us know from your experience, which day would be better for us to do your helmut diving, and which company to ask, if that's possible. If their pick-up location is nearby the ships pier we could probably do the helmut dive either day; if you would tell us what your insight is on our question it would be greatly appreciated. 
We are also willing to pay to be picked up by a driver, on either day, at either the dolphin site or Bermuda tour site and taken to whichever helmut diving site you recommend if that works the schedule better and the cost is reasonable - although I don't want us to be rushed; I want us to enjoy the experience. 
Please let us know soonest so we can firm up plans and make a commitment. 
Thank you, looking forward to your reply. 
Denny (April 2011) 
Hi, Hartley's Undersea Walk is one of the best helmet dive operators in the island. Their boat usually departs from the dockyard at 9:30am and 1:30pm. Looking at your schedule, it seems that Wednesday 1:30pm should be feasible for you. Since the boat leaves from the dockyard (close to Heritage Wharf), you can walk down and it'll take only few minutes to reach from Dolphin Quest. 
I suggest the you call up Hartley to reconfirm the timings. During the high season they take charter bookings and the schedule can change on a specific day. They have a toll free no. You will get the details here: Hartley's 
Hope this helps. Have a great time in Bermuda!! 
Raj ( April 2011 
Thank you Raj, just called them and we're confirmed for 20 April. Sounded like nice folks. 
Again, thanks you for the recommendation and insight. 
Denny (April 2011) 
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