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Ferry Road goes along one of the most scenic routes in St George with a long stretch of the road having a wonderful view of the waters. Passing along a thin strip of land, on one side of the road is the 3 mile long water channel known as the Ferry Reach, and on the other side is the north coastline. Ferry Road ends at the Ferry Reach Park. As the name suggests, this road was heavily used since the initial settlement in 1600s for availing the ferry service. 
At the western end of the Ferry Reach Park, there used to be a ferry dock where people used to board the ferry or get off. For over 250 years until 1871, ferry was the only mode of transport to cross the water area between St. George and the main island of Bermuda. After that the present Causeway was built which eliminated the need for the ferry. 
People who lived around this area, used to disembark at the ferry stop and walked or cycled along the Ferry Road on their way home. At its eastern end, the Ferry Road connects with the Mullet Bay Road that goes all the way to St. George Town. As you get into the Ferry Road from Mullet Bay Road, you will see nice houses along the stretch. By 1908, a long stretch of this area was occupied by the West Indian Oil Agency now known as the ESSO. You will see many oil tanks and storage, and if lucky may even be an oil liner pumping out oil into one of the tanks. 
In early 1900s, there was a hotel that came up here on the Ferry Reach waterfront known as the Shore Hills Hotel complete with a golf course. However it could not continue for long and in 1931 the Bermuda Biological Station, now known as Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences moved into this property. 
The institute works on the study and conservation of waters surrounding Bermuda. There are many talented oceanographers and marine scientists who work here studying the marine life and coral reefs of Bermuda. As you walk along the Ferry Road, you will come across a large 22 acres luxury estate, known as the Astor Estate. This estate which is like a village of its own, belonged to a millionaire Vincent Astor who built the property in 1934. 
He had his own private railway track here reaching out to various parts of his vast property. He even connected his track with the main Bermuda Railway tracks. In the building where his private train stop was located, you can still see remains of the tracks that he used. The property remains privately owned even today. 

How to Reach

Located at St. George's parish. Nearest bus routes #1, 3, 10, 11 operating between Hamilton and St. George. The bus will drop you at the junction of Mullet Bay Road and Ferry Road. From St. George, there is a mini bus service that starts from Kings Square and comes all the way along Mullet Bay Road up to the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. 
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