Directions to places in Bermuda

I would like to thank you for this great site.  I have been using it to plan my entire vacation. I am planning out one of my days and could not figure one thing out.  I plan on going from kings wharf to St George via bus #1,3,10 or 11. From there we will walk to Tobacco bay. After Tobacco bay we would like to go to Alexandra battery. How do we get there from Tobacco bay? Thank you, 
Christine Zarazinski (May 2011) 
I suggest that you take a direct ferry from the dockyard to Hamilton and then take one of those buses for St. George. A bus from Dockyard to Hamilton will taken about an hour compared to some 20 minutes by a ferry. From dockyard you will get bus #7 and 8 only (not the ones you mentioned). Also note that bus #10, 11 take shorter routes from Hamilton to St. George compared to #1 and 3, and take lesser time. 
While both Tobacco Bay Beach and Alexandra Beach are on Barry Road, they are wide apart and at opposite ends of a triangular area in St. George. There is no public transport serving Alexandra. So your option is to take a cab from Tobacco Bay or walk. It's quite a distance ... I think close to about 1.5 miles. So a leisure walk will easily take about 40 minutes. Another option is to take a mini bus from Tobacco Bay and come back to Kings Square, and then walk up to Alexandra. This would be a little shorter walk (about 30 mins). From Kings Square, getting a taxi would also be easier. 
Enjoy your vacation :-) 
Raj ( May 2011 
Hello, You have an excellent site. We were following your site since months and hoping to travel to Bermuda some day. Looks like we can make it in this August. We will take some of your suggested tours as well. How do we go to the Ferry Reach Park? Does any bus go there? 
Many thanks for your time. 
Elina (June 2011) 
Elina, The nearest point where a public bus goes is the junction of Mullet Bay road and Ferry road. For your information, Ferry Reach Park, also known as Ferry point, is in St. George's Parish. While coming from Hamilton, you will need to cross over the Causeway that connects the main island of Bermuda with St. George. Once over he causeway, you are on Kindley Field road. You will soon see the junction with Mullet Bay Road. Then comes the junction with Ferry Road, known as Ferry Point Junction. Ask the bus driver to get you down here. 
From here you will need to walk. Ferry Road goes left and Mullet Bay Road continues north towards St. George's Town. The Ferry Reach Park is right at the end of Ferry Road. The entire walk would be little over a mile and should take about 30-35 minutes. While coming from St. George, you can take the town mini bus that leaves from Kings Square and comes up to ferry Road. 
Hope this helps! 
Raj ( June 2011 
We will be arriving via cruise line on Sept 21-23. 
Day 1 
we would like to go to Hamilton for shopping, lunch/drinks and then to 
snorkel park-back at the dockyard by 4:30 
Day 2 
we would like to see St George for the caves, lunch/drinks and then to 
horseshoe bay-back at the dockyard by 4:30 
Please advise the best/fastest routes to these destinations. Thank you 
Lori Paugh (August 2011) 
Hi Lori, 
Here is what I suggest: 
Day1: Take a direct ferry from Dockyard to Hamilton City. It takes about 20 mins (bus takes about an hour). Come back to dockyard by the same ferry. Snorkel Park is located within Dockyard complex itself and only few minutes walk from the cruise piers. 
Day2: Take a direct ferry from the dockyard to St. George. From Kings Square (St. George) take bus #1 or 3 and reach the Crystal Caves. From here take the same bus and continue towards Hamilton City Central Bus Terminal. Change over to Bus#7 for Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton. From the beach, continue on bus#7 for the dockyard. Remember the total bus ride from St. George up to Dockyard takes about 2 hours plus the change over time at Hamilton. So plan your day accordingly. 
Tip: Purchase 2-day transportation pass so that you can use both ferry and bus any number of times (hop on and off) for two days and save time and money. You will get the pass at the Visitor's Information Center at the 
Raj ( August 2011 
Hello Raj 
I appreciate the info on your website very much. I do have some additional questions: 
What is the best access road to "Town Hill" - Middle or South Road? Can I walk along 'Tucker's Town Road' to 'Castle Point' or is it on private property? What about the 'Arches' close to Mid-Ocean club? 
What can I expect in the 'Mangrove Lake', the 'Devonshire Marsh' and the 'Summer / Winter Haven' areas regarding fauna and flora, access , size and trails. 
Thank you very much in advance. 
Bob Anders (September 2011) 
Hi Bob, 
Middle road will provide the best access to Town Hill. Tuckers Town Road will take you to Castle Point but Castle Point is in a gated area. The Arches are actually at Mid Ocean beach but they were destroyed in 2003 by hurricane Fabian. 
For the remaining, you can go through the parish sections of my website, for example Sandys Parish for Mangrove Bay etc. You will get some ideas. I would recommend that if you are visiting Bermuda, take a taxi tour to get a good feel of all these. 
Here is the link that lists my select taxi tour operators who are also excellent guides of the island: Bermuda Taxi Tours 
Raj ( September 2011 
Hi Raj  
Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I will be spending over a month on your Island, so I want walk wherever I can and see the wonderful attractions of Bermuda. 
With kind regards 
Bob Anders (September 2011) 
I want to go to my friends house to give him a surprise visit. What bus should I take from the airport. my friend lives near Newman Lane, Pembroke. thanks. 
Tanjeer (April 2012) 
From the airport take bus#1, 3, 10 or 11 and come to Hamilton City. Then transfer to Bus #4 for Spanish Point Road. Newman Lane is on this road. 
Raj ( April 2012 
Hi, we would like to visit St. George, Crystal Cave, Horseshoe Bay and Whale Bay. I am trying to get the transportation route together. For Cave, I have us taking the ferry to St. George then bus to location. But I am unclear on what is best way to get to both bays. We are traveling with NCL and will be there Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday. Do you suggest a 2 or 3 day pass? And are they unlimited rides for the day passes? Thanks in advance for your help. 
Lisa (September 2012) 
Hi Lisa, 
From the dockyard, you can take bus #7 for Horseshoe Bay Beach and Bus #7 or 8 for West Whale Bay beach. Both are in Southampton parish and close to each other. 
If you want to visit the beaches from the caves, take a bus to Hamilton City and then transfer to bus #7. 
If you plan to visit some of the attractions within the Royal Naval Dockyard on Friday (NCL docks there at Kings Wharf pier), then buy only 2-day passes. You will get them at the Visitors Information Center close to the cruise berth. You get unlimited rides both in buses and ferries. 
Raj ( September 2012 
Hi, I want to know what is the best way to go to the horseshoe bay beach from kings wharf? Is horseshoe bay beach near by the Hamilton town? If not, how can we get to Hamilton? Thank you 
Shelly (March 2013) 
The best way to reach horseshoe bay beach from Kings Wharf by a public transport is to take bus #7 which leaves from the dockyard. It takes about 35 minutes to the bus stop near the beach. Hamilton City is not very close to the beach, neither too far. You can continue on bus#7 and reach Hamilton. It takes about 30 minutes from Horseshoe bay beach. If you want to go to Hamilton directly from Kings Wharf, the best option is to take the Blue Route Ferry from the dockyard ferry point. It takes about 20 minutes. 
Raj ( March 2013 
Good Day to you, I would like to know how to get to Art Mel's on the bus? Can I walk from Hamilton Front Street or how do I get to this place that is said to have great fish sandwiches/ Thank so much 
Carole Sullivan (August 2013) 
Hi, Art Mel's is on a back street (St. Monica's Road) in Pembroke parish and close to North Shore Road. It's not really in a walking distance from Front Street. From the Ferry Terminal it's about 1.5 miles away and will take 35 - 40 minutes by walk. Better walk down to the main bus terminal near City Hall and take bus #10. It goes along Marsh Folly Road and then Palmetto Road. Ask the driver to let you get off near St Monica's Street. It's then an easy walk from there. Regards, 
Raj ( August 2013 
Hi Raj, I am coming to Bermuda on an NCL cruise next week. I believe it docks at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Do you know the best route to get to 75 St. Johns Road in Pembroke, Bermuda? I would like to travel there next Thursday morning if possible. Thanks in advance for any help! Best, 
Elisha (August 2013) 
Hi, From the dockyard ferry point, take the blue route ferry to Hamilton. From the Central Bus Terminal at Hamilton (near City Hall and on Washington St), take the Bus #4 (some services operate via St John's Road, others via North shore). Regards, 
Raj ( August 2013 
Hello - will be flying home from the Navy Yard and was wondering how much time to plan on - and what is the quickest route to the airport in St Georges? 
Liz Moseley (September 2013) 
Hi, If you are getting to the airport by taxi, then for the shortest route take the middle road from Dockyard, it will meet South Road in Paget, further down continue along Harrington Sound Road which will lead to the causeway that joins the main island with St George's parish. At the other end of the causeway, Kindley Field road leads to the airport. This 20+ mile distance will take about 1 hour (+) time. 
Raj ( September 2013 
Hi Raj, 
My husband and his friend will be golfing at Mid Ocean Golf Club on Wed 5/28. Is there a direct bus that will take them from the Dockyard (norwegian breakaway) to the golf course? Would they be better just taking a cab there and if so, about how long and how much will it cost? Later on, my girlfriend and I plan on meeting up with them at the caves. Same question, is there a bus that goes directly from the Dockyard to the caves or should we just take a cab? How long? How much? How close are the caves to the Mid Ocean Golf Club? Thank you in advance for your reply. 
Karen Alexander (March 2014) 
There is no direct bus from Dockyard to Mid Ocean Golf Club. One can take ferry from dockyard to Hamilton and then bus #1 (which comes close to the golf club). If they want to carry the clubs and kits, then taxi is the only option. Buses won't allow carrying kits and clubs. Taxi fare from Dockyard to Mid Ocean (which is located at Tucker's Town in St Georges Parish) will be approximately $50. To reach the Crystal Cave from dockyard, take the ferry to Hamilton then bus #1 or #3. The caves are located at Baileys Bay (Hamilton Parish) and close to St Georges parish. From Mid Ocean, your husband can take bus #1, but taxi would be more convenient. 
Raj ( March 2014 
From the Dockyard (in May), what is the best way and time to go to Hamilton to see Crystal caves, return to Hamilton for lunch/shopping and back to the Dockyard no later than 6:00 p.m. Thank you for your reply. 
Virginia Albanese (April 2014) 
Note that Crystal Caves is in Hamilton Parish (Baliley's Bay) and not in Hamilton City. From dockyard take the blue route ferry to Hamilton City. From there take bus #1 or #3 for the caves. Same way back. 
Raj ( April 2014 
I'm wondering how close is St. George to where the caves are located in Hamilton Parish? Is it an easy enough bus ride between the two? The only thing we are planning to do in Hamilton are the caves on Wed. and then the harbor nite on Front Street. We have a dinner reservation at The Pickled Onion. So I'm wondering if we'll have enough time to see the caves and do a little sightseeing in St. George before dinner on Front Street. 
Karen Alexander (May 2014) 
If you want to do sightseeing in St George, then do that first, then the caves and then Front Street in Hamilton City. That way you will be coming from East towards central Bermuda. If you do caves first and then St George, you will be going in the opposite direction as far as Front street is concerned, and then have to come all the way back  to reach Front Street. St George to Caves will take about 30 minutes by bus (#1, 3) and Caves to Front Street will take about the same (#1, 3). Both easy bus rides. 
Raj ( May 2014 
Good Day 
I visited Bermuda last year and found a pond/lake with a small lookout hide looking onto the pond. There were Small terripins in the pond and birds to view. It was quite near a road and after we got off the bus we walked through a residential area to get to the pond. I would like to return but cannot remember the name of it or where it was. It was out of the Parish of Hamilton. Not much for you to go on hope you can help. Thanks 
Barbara Hammond (July 2014) 
Black Wood Pond located at Pointshares in Pembroke (out of Hamilton) ... I'm guessing. 
Raj ( July 2014 
We are a party of four adults will be visiting Bermuda in a week by cruise ship docking at Royal Navy Dockyard. We are planning to spend the first day in St. George Town and Crystal Cave, and then spend the second day in 
Horseshoe Bay. 
1st day: Take a ferry from Royal Navy Dockyard to St. George for 1/2 day visit and then take a bus #1 or #3 to Crystal Cave. 2nd day: Take bus #7 or #8 from Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay. 
Here are my questions: 
1.  Once we arrive at St. George's ferry terminal, where do we catch the bus to Crystal Cave?  Is there a bus terminal? Should we catch the bus with Pink pole bus stop? 
2. Can I catch a bus from Crystal Cave to Hamilton City?  If so, is it the same bus #1 or #3 with Pink pole bus stop? 
May (August 2014) 
The St George Bus Terminal is in walking distance from the ferry dock. Look for the bus signs. If you are catching a bus in St George from a bus stop on the road, then you should be waiting at the Pink Pole (to board buses going towards Crystal Caves and onwards to Hamilton City). Yes, you can catch the same buses (#1, 3) from the caves for Hamilton City. 
Raj ( August 2014 
Hello, my family is taking a cruise in June 2015. We will be at the kings wharf dockyard I believe. I was wondering how far the airport is from there my best friend is getting married so I was seeing if it was a possibility to do both. I would have to leave the cruise early and I want to make sure it is even possible before booking the cruise. 
Kayla Bennett (October 2014) 
Hi, the dockyard and airport are at opposite ends of the island. It'll take well over an hour by taxi. Bus will take close to 1 hour 40 minutes plus transfer time at Hamilton. There is also a ferry (orange route) with limited services that operates between the dockyard and St George (airport is located in St George's parish). So once you reach St George (takes 35 minutes by ferry), you can take a taxi and reach the airport in about 10 minutes. Another option is to take a ferry from the dockyard, reach Hamilton (20 minutes) and then take a taxi (about 20 minutes) or bus (35 minutes) to the airport. 
Raj ( October 2014 
I was born on Kindley A.F.B. back on June 21, 1965. My wife and I are visiting Bermuda June 21-25, 2015 for the first time since my family moved back to the states in 1966. I have been looking online for a map with the road of the house I lived in but can't find it. All I can find is a picture on the face book page of Smiths Parish Council of the name of the road-Sommersall Rd. We will be bringing a picture of the house with its outside grand staircase so we can compare then to now. We have gotten word from a former Miss Bermuda the house is still standing and has been painted orange. Thank you for your time and any assistance in solving this mystery of how to find Sommersall Rd. We'll be staying at Grotto Bay Resort. Thank you once again,  
Donald Mohler (June 2015) 
Hi, Sommersall Road can be accessed from Harrington Sound Road. From Grotto Bay Beach Resort, take bus #1 towards Hamilton. In about 5-6 minutes you will see Mid Ocean Golf Course, and Sommersall Road is about 250 meters after you go past the course. Ask the bus driver to let you get off at the nearest bus stop. From the resort, you can also walk down (little over 2 miles), but you will hardly find any sidewalk. Hope this helps. 
Raj ( June 2015 
We will be docking at the Navel Dockyard on the Celebrity Summit. I would like to start the day by going to Crystal Caves, having lunch at the Swizzle Inn, and then going to Bamz before returning to the ship. Can you please tell me how I would travel to each place? Thank You! 
Nicole Vincent (July 2015) 
Take Blue Route ferry to Hamilton (20 minutes), then bus #1 or 3 to Crystal caves (about 35 minutes). From there walk up to Swizzle Inn (about 200 yards). After lunch, take bus #10 or 11 from Swizzle Inn towards Hamilton City and reach BAMZ (about 15 minutes), continue on the same bus for Hamilton and then take the ferry back to dockyard. 
Raj ( July 2015 
Thank you for a wonderful and informative website. We will be in Bermuda Aug 16-18 and would like to visit the following: 
Day 1 - Horseshoe Bay Beach 
Day 2 - Crystal Caves 
Day 3 - Tobacco Bay Beach 
I noticed that the Orange Ferry does not operate on Sundays and therefore we were planning to do Crystal Caves and Tobacco Bay Beach on the days when the Orange ferry does run (Monday and Tuesday). Should we try combining Tobacco Bay Beach and Crystal Caves in one day? What would your suggested ferry/bus routes be to get from Dockyard to the above places? What are the approximate travel times? 
Jane Healey (August 2015) 
Hi, take orange ferry to St. George (35 minutes). Take minibus from Kings Square (St. George) to Tobacco bay (5 minutes) or walk along Government Hill road (20 minutes).  Get back to King Square and take bus #1 or 3 to Crystal caves (about 25 minutes). Continue on #1 or 3 to Hamilton (about 30 minutes) and take blue route ferry to Dockyard (20 minutes). 
Raj ( August 2015 
I'm arriving on a cruise to the Dockyard in July. I want to check out the crystal caves and tobacco bay in the same day. What will be the easiest mode of transportation to get there? I know there are taxi, bus, ferry options but trying to figure out lease complicated/expensive. 
Thank you! 
Cris (May 2018) 
Hi, take a ferry from the dockyard to St. George and then a minibus to Tobacco Bay. Get back to Kings square (at St. George) and take a bus (#1 or 3) for the caves. Continue on the bus (#1 or 3) to a Hamilton and then take a ferry back to the dockyard. 
Raj ( May 2018 
Hi, I will be cruising to Bermuda in a few weeks. Can Someone tell me how I can get from the Royal Naval Dockyard to Grotto Bay beach and resort. I believe its near the Swizzle Inn. 
Thank you 
Laura Heidenfelder (November 2021) 
Hi, from the dockyard take a ferry to Hamilton, walk down to the Hamilton bus terminal and take bus #10 or 11 for Grotto Bay Beach Resort. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Hamilton... there is a taxi stand on Front Street and another one near the bus terminal. 
Raj ( November 2021