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Club Yoga Center has opened up its studio at the Elbow Beach Residents Club in Bermuda. This fitness center has a special focus. The center focuses on yoga practices based on Iyengar methods. Yoga had originated from India which is a practice that balances and integrates the body, mind, spirit and soul and makes a person both bodily and mentally stronger and therefore enabling one to live a better life.  
Yoga helps in developing strength, stamina, flexibility, concentration, balance and meditation power through asanas or poses. It aligns the physical body structure. Although such practices have been existing since 5th century BC and core methods have remained the same, there are some variations in practice. Iyengar Yoga is one such variation in which props are used like blocks, bolsters and belts that aid the beginners to learn quickly and more easily. 
At the Club Yoga Center in Bermuda, there are three teachers who have gone through the rigorous 4-year Iyengar Yoga Trainers certification courses to be eligible to coach yoga to others. In fact such certifications need to be revalidated every year so that the teachers retain their eligibility to teach the yoga. Ms. Sally Ker is the most senior of all the three and had been teaching this form of yoga for the last 30 years. Before the establishment of this dedicated studio, they used to conduct the yoga classes in church halls. 
The Club Yoga Center, Bermuda 
The Club Yoga Center, Bermuda 
Iyengar Yoga has a special focus on standing postures and helps to develop strong legs while improving circulation, coordination and balance of the body. It can also work as a self healing method and eases various ailments like chronic backache, immuno-deficiency, high blood pressure and depression. It can also help cure spinal problems such as sclerosis or bulging, swollen discs as well as aches and pains. 
The main guru of Iyengar yoga is Sri BKS Iyengar from India. This practice although looks like a physical training, eventually connects with the spirituality as it involves body, mind and soul. 
There are courses for both young and adults. The foundation course offers six practice sessions and then beginners can move to Level-I after honing their skills in the basics. It takes one year to move into Level-II and then beyond. Lunch hour courses are offered to parents and those who are 55 and above. 

Location and contacts

Elbow Beach Residents Club, Paget, Bermuda. 
Phone: (441) 236-8275; (441) 236-5691 
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