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Part of St George's Parish of Bermuda, Ordnance Island is a tiny 1.75 acres island in the St George Harbor. It's right across Kings Square and is joined with the Town of St. George by a small bridge. Ordnance Island has a lot of historic significance. During the early days of the British colony, this is where the prisoners used to be hanged. Later in 19th century, the island became the storage area for ammunitions that were supplied to the forts around the St. George's Parish. 
By the world war II, the use of Ordnance Island by the British army came down significantly and the island was loaned out to the U.S Navy to use it as a submarine base. While most of the buildings of such time no longer exist, there is still the storekeeper's house which has been recently converted into the office of St George Corporation. 
If you walk across the bridge and enter the Ordnance Island, there are two monuments you must see which have historic significance. The first one to the left of the bridge is the full size replica of the ship Deliverance.  
The original was built by George Somers and his men who landed up in St. George in 1609 as their ship Sea Venture got wrecked at the nearby reefs. They built the original Deliverance in 1610 to complete their journey to Jamestown.  
Ordnance Island, St George, Bermuda 
Ordnance Island Bermuda 
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This 57 feet ship looks so small that it won't be considered sea worthy in today's time. If you go to the lower decks and see the life size dummy figures placed there, you will know how cramped life was inside the ship. 
The second attraction in Ordnance Island and to the right of the bridge is the one-and-half times the life size statue of Admiral Sir George Somers, the commander of the ship Sea Venture. This is located in Burns Memorial Park. It depicts a sea-breeze swept Sir George with arms out-stretched. The statue was created by Bermuda's famous sculptor Desmond Fountain. It was unveiled by Princess Margaret in 1984. 
Ordnance Island today is where customs and immigration clearances take place for visiting yachts. This is the only port of entry for yachts coming to Bermuda, and HM customs has an office building in the island. There is also a new cruise terminal that has come up here. 
Check out Map of St George's and expand it to see the position of Ordnance Island. 
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