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Restless Native

This spacious and bright multi-hull boat of Restless Native is fondly known as the "Pink Catamaran'. It was custom built by the captain Kirk Ward and his son having realized that most other boats in the island were unsuitable to accommodate more than 8 people and offer a stable ride. The catamaran comes with many amenities such as a full bar, dining tables, advanced stereo system, bathrooms, bean bag chairs, hammocks, swim noodles, snorkel gears, paddle boards, kayaks etc. 
One of their top offerings is the 3 and 1/2 hour Sail and Snorkel Cruise which departs from Royal Naval Dockyard. As you sail along the calm waters the crew will let you know a lot about Bermuda's history, ecology and marine life. The staff are all knowledgeable tour guides certified by Tourism Department. 
The Pink Catamaran 
Restless Native Bermuda 
Photo: Restless Native, Bermuda 
The boat then anchors at a shallow cove where you can enjoy great swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and even try kayaking, or just relax on a hammock. They make freshly prepared chocolate chip cookies right on-board and serve to all guests. You can also enjoy unlimited free rum swizzles during the sail (alternatively fruit juices) and have option to buy any other drink from the cash bar. 
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Another popular tour offered is the Sunset and Rum Swizzle Cruise which too departs from the dockyard and shows your amazing sunset from Great Sound water area. During this tour too they offer freshly prepared coockies and unlimited rum swizzles. 

Rising Son Cruises

The Rising Son II from Rising Son Cruises is a beautiful, 60-foot, 80-person capacity catamaran with a full bar. Besides offering sailing, swimming, and snorkeling trips, the captain and the friendly crew can arrange for several other watersport activities as well while on the sailing tour. They organize regular group tours on per person rates. Private charters are also available. 
If you like, you can spend part of your time doing kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding etc. Snorkel gears, kayaks, paddle boards etc are provided by the crew and is included in the cost. There are swim ladders attached to the boat and you can get down to the water easily. Otherwise the captain usually prefers sailing around the coastal waters and letting you enjoy the magnificent views of Bermuda's coastline. Complimentary non alcoholic beverages and a rum swizzle is offered on board. There is a cash bar and you can indulge in cocktails and spirits if you so wish. 
Rising Son II 
Rising Son II 
Source: Rising Son Cruises, Bermuda 
One of the popular cruises on Rising Son II is the Turtle Cove Trip. The boat cruises through the Great Sound water area for about an hour, and then over a turtle sanctuary before anchoring off a quiet sandy bay for snorkeling and kayaking. After a brief instruction, you can swim up to the nearby beach or sand bar. Optionally you can take a Standup Paddle board and go around the water area. 
There is a fun and discussion style commentary given on this trip, and a music is played in the background. They just let you relax and enjoy the sail and the water sport activities. Just in case you are interested, complimentary wi-fi is also available on board. 
The regular day tours last for about 3 hours. Departures take place from Royal Naval Dockyard and Hamilton (May to October). Check-in is at Island Tour Center office at dockyard or Hamilton. 
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Visitors' Reviews

Lauren (October 2016) 
On October 3rd my husband and I bought a catamaran package through our cruise line. We had an amazing time! The crew on Rising Son couldn't have been more friendly, knowledgeable and fun! Great job captain Steve and your crew, we had a blast!