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This is a forum to discuss wedding receptions (and rehearsal dinners) in Bermuda including the venues, cuisine, arrangements etc. Note hotel and restaurants locations mentioned under Wedding Venues can all serve as good locations for reception as well. 
In fact a luxury hotel or resort can offer several options within its premises to hold the reception including its private beach, terrace overlooking the water, garden or lawn, restaurant, ballroom etc. 
Dear Raj, We want to host a rehearsal dinner for a party of 30 to 40 in a casual setting such as a pub and not in a large hotel. The date is July 9, 2010 with the wedding being held at the Reefs the next day. Might you know of some of places that would have a private room or separate space for such an event? Kindest regards, 
Bill Putnam (June 2009) 
Hi Bill, One of the options you can check is Bistro J in Hamilton City. It accommodates up to 40 persons (seating) and can be booked for a private group dinner. I have seen some nice reviews about this place. Once you visit their website, click the link on "Private Events" to know the details. Also, go through the other links shown in the left side of the website. If you are looking for a place in Southampton itself close to Reefs, you can also check Lighthouse Tea Room. It used to be a tea room once but now a full restaurant in a nice setting. You can book the place for 25 or more persons. Best Wishes, Regards,  
Raj ( June 2009  
The Lighthouse Tearoom has been taken over by a new group and a new restaurant called The Dining Room has come up in its place. 
Also Check out Bermuda Catering Services to know all about dining options and catering services available during a wedding dinner and reception. 
Raj ( 
My daughter would like me to help her plan her wedding in Bermuda in May of 2011. It will be a small intimate wedding with probably no more than about a dozen people. If you could please help me in this process, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.  
Rhonda Meyers (December 2010) 
Please get in touch with one of the professional wedding planners in Bermuda. I have reviewed and provided contact details for a number of them here Wedding Planners 
Raj ( December 2010  
My sister is planning on getting married in Bermuda in June 2012.  She wants to get married on Astwood Beach. Does she need a permit to get married there and take pictures? If so, how does she get that? Thank you. 
Christina Loiacono (July 2011) 
Difficult to answer your question as you haven't mentioned which country your sister hails from. Is she living in Bermuda? In general, a couple from outside Bermuda and planning to get married in Bermuda will require a Marriage License. Check out this entire page in details. It has all the information you want. 
Raj ( July 2011 
I am from the United States and am getting married in Bermuda next June. I will not be having a professional wedding planner, so how do I go about securing a wedding location.  I am interested in Astwood Park and have heard that I need to acquire a permit to have a wedding on this site.  How do I do this? 
Thank you. 
Carissa (July 2011) 
ps--I am aware of the marriage license requirements. 
Astwood Park is managed by Bermuda Department of Parks. They can let you know about any permit requirements to use the park as a wedding location. Call them up over phone. Here are their contacts: 
Department of Parks, Botanical Gardens, 169 South Road, Paget. Phone: (441) 236-4201 
Another option is, call 441/295-3021 and ask for Tim Ritchie to assist you. If you take this route, you will need to rent chairs, tables etc. from him. I've heard he is very helpful and offers outdoor catering services at the park. 
Hope this helps. 
Raj ( July 2011 
I was wondering if what I read in your information about bringing a spouse to live in Bermuda is true. How old is that information, and how often do the laws change? I'm from the US, and my fiance is there now. We're getting married here in Bermuda in April of 2012. I'm on a work permit, and I'll be here for two years. If I get in contact with Immigration, will they tell me the same thing that you're saying? I really want us to be able to have a future together here, and we really need the reassurance to make sure that's a possibility. If you can give me any advice, or any regulations we need to follow in order to make this a possibility, please let me know. We'll both be very grateful if you can straighten this out for us. Thank you! 
Chieko Clinkscales (July 2011) 
The immigration laws are subject to changes and my website may not always be able to keep pace with latest updates. I would recommend that you talk to Bermuda's department of immigration for the latest norms. 
Immigration Hotline 441/296-5202 
Office: 441/295-5151 Ext. 1378 
I have heard (and not sure) that they sometimes make visa exceptions (for duration of stay of the partner/fiancé) if you can show that you are engaged and plan to get married soon. Otherwise your partner or any relative and friend can stay in Bermuda for a maximum period of 21 days like any other tourist. In case you manage to get an exception, your spouse or fiancé will anyway require a separate work permit to work in Bermuda. 
Hope this helps. 
Raj ( July 2011 
Update: Effective August 1, 2020, the maximum length of stay for visitors has been extended from 90 days to 180 days. A longer stay will require an application to Department of Immigration citing reasons for such requirement and necessary documentation. 
My fiance is working in Bermuda on a work visa, I'm in the States.. if we get married in Bermuda will I be able to live there with her? 
thank u 
Frederick (July 2011) 
Yes. Once you are married, you can always live with your spouse in Bermuda as long as she works there. If you want to work too, you will need to get a separate work permit in Bermuda. 
Raj ( July 2011 
I am looking to do a Boston to Bermuda Cruise in May 2014 and would like to get married on the beach in Bermuda (possibly Warwick Long Bay). How do I get a permit to do so? Also, I read that justice of the Peace is not legal in Bermuda and we need to find a minister to marry us. Do I contact a church in Bermuda for that or is there another way to go about it? Any information would be helpful! Thank you!!! 
Kelly (January 2013) 
You will need to get a marriage license before you can get married in Bermuda. Please go through the following page and all its associated links to know how to plan your wedding in Bermuda. I would strongly recommend that you appoint a local Wedding Planner to organize all logistics including getting a registered marriage officer. You will find all the required information in the link below: 
Raj ( January 2013 
We are getting married at the Fairmont Southampton May 2014. We are approximating about 60-75 people. We are planning to invite all of the guests to the rehearsal dinner as well and so we are looking for somewhere closer to Southampton that is very informal (bar/restaurant) (i.e. affordable) even outdoors or on the beach. Any suggestions? 
Thank you! 
Michelle (November 2013) 
There are hardly any restaurants within close proximity of Fairmont Southampton. I have discussed several well known ones in the parish here. However a good affordable restaurant is Paraquet located in Paget and close to Elbow beach. It has been there since 1959 and quite popular with both locals and tourists (68 South Road, Camden, Paget. Phone: 441/236-9742). They serve great Bermudian food. It'll take 15-20 minutes ride from the Fairmont Southampton hotel. But call them up and check if they can accommodate so many in a private group. 
Raj ( November 2013 
We are getting married at the Hamilton Princess in 2017 toward the end of the summer. We are expecting around 60-75 guests and inviting all of them to the rehearsal dinner. We would like something close to the hotel in Hamilton with a nice view of the water, however, that is not a necessity. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you! 
Casey (December 2016) 
Your group size is quite large compared to the private dining capacity most restaurants have in Hamilton. The Harbourfront restaurant located nearby (at BUEI, Crow Lane) has a a lounge with nice view of Hamilton harbor. But the capacity is 48. You can however talk to them over phone and they can make special arrangement for a larger group. Hamilton Princess itself has a few banquets (e.g. Princess Ballroom) which has a large capacity. 
Raj ( December 2016 
May of 2017 we held our son and daughter-in-law's Rehearsal Dinner at Bistro J.  The staff was so very accommodating as we began our preparation months in advance via phone and email.  As the celebration approached, they were attentive to every detail.  The bride-to-be and the groom-to-be were delighted with the evening, as were all of our guests.  The meal from start to finish was amazing and so very fresh and flavorful.  We are so very grateful we chose Bistro J for their service and ambiance as well.  They made the evening memorable! 
Cynthia (June 2017) 

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