Martial Arts, Fitness and
Natural Healing Center in Bermuda

Recently a Jiketsu Martial Arts, Fitness and Healing center was opened in Bermuda. The center is located at the Berkley Art Center at Pembroke Parish. It has been a long standing dream of the owner and founder Reuben Bean to set up such a center that would cater to all starting from toddlers to adults. He runs this along with his partner Laura Bell. 
Apart from some of the traditional martial arts, the center has a unique offering called the Natural Healing. So what is this natural healing all about? Bean says this healing is based on transfer of some Electro-magnetic energy of human body.  He says: "The electrical wavelengths and magnetic currents of a healthy body, when super-energized, can be used to heal an injured or diseased weakened body". The center provides such healing therapy through their Blue Sun Alchemical Healing Center. 
Bean himself is certified in this specialized healing techniques known as Sacred Mer-Ka-Ba. He believes that this program that influences psychological aspects, has a profound impact in healing the body as well, as both are closely related. Bean has been also the president of Jiketsu Martial Productions Foundation (JMP), which was founded in 2004. JMP offers lessons for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual developments.  
So other than natural healing, what are the other lessons offered by Bean's center? 
The Jiketsu Martial Arts Fitness and Healing Center's programs include Tiny Tots martial arts classes on Saturday mornings for kids between two to nine-years. Tiny Tots class is designed to be interactive with the parents so even the parents too can benefit. Mr. Bean and Ms Bell started the tiny tots program when their own son, Niko, was eight months old. 
The tiny tots program includes basic yoga moves, simple and functional drills and fun things like rolling properly and doing front and back falls, and techniques that would make them learn self defense in real world situations. 
This is what Bean says - "Our specialized teaching methods are designed to enhance one's whole-brain thinking capacity, therefore promoting a healthy and holistic life-mentally, emotionally and physically."  
During the school season, they teach an after-school youth martial arts class for ages 5-18. 
There is a 10-lesson self-defense course and specialized defensive tactics one-month course for adults. Shortly they plan to start a Family Safe Program designed specifically for children and parents, so that the whole family can actively participate. The center also has exercise equipment like treadmill, bike, weights, etc. 
Bean received training from Sensei Nigel and Trevor Williams (Rokudan) of Budokan Karate and Kobujutsu Club. He received his third degree black belt in 2008. Ms Bell obtained her second degree black belt. 

Location and contacts

Berkley Art Center, Pembroke Parish 
Phone: 441/705-7541, Email: [email protected] 
Note: The center is not open like a gym. The opening hours are based on specific class times only. Summer camps are planned to run during the day time and classes at night. 

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