Fall Time Birds in Bermuda

September and October is the time when the large fall migration of birds takes place from North America to South America. Although Bermuda is some 580 miles away from the US east coast, it is located on the route of this migration. 
While many of the birds would have stored enough energy to migrate non-stop, there are lot who choose to stop by Bermuda, feed and re-charge themselves before they take off for the next long haul. More species and varieties of birds are seen in Bermuda during the fall time than any other season. 
You can find up to 30 different types of shore birds. If the water level is not too high, the best places to see them would be places like Spittal Pond, Warwick Pond and Seymour’s Pond. On a good September day, if you are lucky you can see over 100 different types of birds, particularly various types of Sandpipers. You can also see many yellowlegs, dowitchers and plovers. 
Many shore birds prefer the grassy land. So if you go towards the Airport in St. George and look around the grassy stretches, you will surely find many Killdeer, Black-bellied Plover, Ruddy Turnstone and Whimbrel. Sometimes you can also see the rare American Avocet or Curlew Sandpiper during this time. 
Lots of vireos and warblers, over 40 species, can bee seen during September and October. They prefer the Casuarina trees. So if you look at the trees along the south shore of Bermuda, you can see many of them roosting including Red-eyed Vireos and Yellow warblers. There are other warblers like the Black-and-white Warbler, Ovenbird and Palm Warblers, many of who even stay back in the island through the winter. 
Other types of birds that can be seen abundantly during the fall includes Cuckoos, kingbirds, flycatchers, swifts, swallows, thrushes, orioles and tanagers. 
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