Bermuda Wedding Transport

Depending on the purpose, you can have several choices of transportation during a wedding in Bermuda. One of the most popular transportation for having a relaxing and intimate journey from the marriage ceremony to the wedding reception is a Horse drawn carriage. 
This is quite symbolic of a Bermuda wedding tradition and gives you a wonderful opportunity to undertake a wedding journey in a Bermudian way. The driver is usually dressed formally in navy blue Bermuda shorts, knee socks and a white hat, and will escort you to the celebration in a carriage festooned with flowers and ribbons. Check out Bermuda Horse Carriages for more information on cost and how to reserve one. 
Now, how do you plan to bring all your invitees from their place of stay in Bermuda to the wedding location and later take them back to hotels? While taxi or a mini bus is always an option, try out the Train Trolley. It's a mini train on wheels that you can rent for special events like weddings and private parties. It will take the scenic roads and get your guests to the wedding location. 
Many couples wrote back saying that it was one of the most memorable experience for everyone. The fare won't be much higher than what you would pay for taxis anyway. You will find booking information here or alternatively ask your wedding planner to take care of this. 
There are of course other modes for transport that you can avail. Like an air conditioned Bermuda luxury taxi or even a luxury mini bus. Check out Bermuda taxi service to know more about Bermuda cabs. 
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