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So, looking for top places in Bermuda to take your kids? While there many attractions and sights in Bermuda for the kids, you will probably never be able cover all in a short trip. So in my list below, I picked up the attractions in Bermuda that are must see for families and kids. 
If you are looking for great beaches in Bermuda for kids, I have separately discussed those in the section Kids Beaches. Here you will know about the other interesting places to take your children in Bermuda like the Aquariums, museums, caves, forts and so on. If you are coming by a cruise ship and docking at the Kings Wharf Dockyard, then there are few attractions that you won't want your kids to miss. 
Dolphin Quest is a dolphin display and training center located at the dockyard complex. You can watch fascinating dolphin shows here with your children or even get your kids to play with the Dolphins. There are programs here for the children. Visit the above link for details. 
Another great family attraction within the dockyard complex is the Maritime Museum. There used to be a huge fort called The Keep, which has been converted into this museum. You will be able to discover Bermuda's deep rooted maritime history, see many artifacts and historic exhibits. 
Located in Hamilton Parish in the beautiful Flatts Village is another great attraction in Bermuda for kids and families: Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. You get three things - an Aquarium, a Museum and a zoo all in the same complex. 
As you get inside the aquarium, you will see huge tanks featuring local marine life ranging from green morays to gray triggerfish. Free audio handsets are given so that all can hear a running commentary to understand the marine world in display.  
The Natural History Museum houses exhibits starting from whaling to undersea exploration. There is a building called The Local Tails which has some of the best exhibits for children. Children can pick up a conch in the touch tank, listen to the call of a local bird or use a remote operated camera to explore an aquarium. 
Steps away, the Zoo is well known for its Australasia collections of animals and birds. You will see animals like the Matschies tree kangaroo, tree shrews, Murray river turtles, bear cats etc. There is a water stream that separates the animals from the visitors. 
Check out Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo to know all about this great complex for kids and families in Bermuda. 
In St. George, visit the St. Catherine Fort. Here you will see Bermuda's historic exhibits and artifacts including old weaponry. There is a dry moat around the fort and kids will feel they are running around in a jungle. There are lots of tunnels to explore as well.  
If it's raining in Bermuda or the weather is bad, or you like to explore the indoor mysteries of Bermuda further, here are some more great attractions for kids and families: 
Discovered by two young boys in 1907 as their ball went through a large hole, Crystal caves is the largest cave in Bermuda located in Hamilton Parish. You will see some dramatic formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and a crystal-clear Cahow lake. 
Located in Hamilton City, this institute will help your kids to understand the mysteries of the ocean with its exhibits and great collection of artifacts. 
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