Budget Hotels in Hamilton Bermuda

Hello, This looks like a very informative and nice website. I am looking for a room/ cottage/ apartment with two beds, private bathroom preferably with kitchenette or at least a fridge for me and a friend from Sept. 30 - Oct 07. 
We want to be centrally located to Hamilton, and I looked at your places here - but a lot of them do no have an e-mail listed, only phone number. We are able to pay up to $200 per night. Could you give us an advise, please? Best regards, 
Eva Damhaug (August 2010), Norway 
Hi Eva, 
High season rates will still apply at the time you are traveling to Bermuda. So for your budget, choices will be limited. For the requirements that you stated, I recommend the following: 
Mazarine By The Sea. Accommodation is limited here, so you will need to book well in advance. Another option is Rosemont Guest Apartments. If you are looking for more options, check my section on Hamilton Hotels and look for the accommodations with category "$". By the way, you are right that in some cases only phone numbers are given in my website and not the Email addresses. That's because many of them, particularly the budget hotels either do not have Email Ids or are not too efficient with emails. Best is to call them up over phone. 
Hope this helps. Regards,  
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) August 2010 
Hello Raj, 
Thank you for your quick reply, and thank you for the links :-) Yes, I did send a request to Mazarine by The Sea.......Rosemont Guest Apartements, too. I think I sent a request to most of the places in your website........I saw later that most of them had e-mail addresses. I did find Mazarine's website when I googled it. Stunning location! Have a nice day - I really look forward to see the island :-) Best regards, 
Eva Damhaug (August 2010) 
Hi there, thank you for your most informative site!  I am hoping to visit Bermuda between 24 - 30 july this year with my daughters and some friends. There will be a group of  6 ladies ranging from 22 to 47 years old. The older lot are looking for a nice beach, lapping waves, not too crowded, the younger lot want to be close to some nightlife and fun!!  
We also are traveling on south African rands which makes dollar prices quite high for us, so we need good value accommodation. We were hoping around 300 - 400 a day for a six sleeper. We don't mind self catering. Could you make any suggestions? 
Many thanks in anticipation!! :) Kind regards 
Rowena (June 2011) 
Hi, July is in high season and practically all popular beaches would be invaded by tourists, but some like Horseshoe Bay would be really crowded. Secondly, most of the nightlife are in Hamilton City and there aren't many great beaches there but you can easily reach some by bus. If you decide to stay in Hamilton then Clarence Cove would be a nice beach close by and less crowded. 
Check out this link Clarence Cove to know about this beach and the ones nearby. 
Also go through some of the accommodations that I have recommended in the below link for staying in and around Hamilton: Hamilton Hotels. You should be able to get one with your budget. If you like to stay in a beach-side hotel and still be close to the center of the island (Hamilton) where all the actions are for the younger ones, the next best option would be in Paget Parish. Check out Paget Hotels for the best hotels there. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) June 2011 
Hi Raj, 
Thank you so much for your informative response. Much appreciated, I will follow the links and check it out! Kind regards 
Rowena (June 2011) 
My friend and I are traveling to Bermuda in march for my birthday.. just wanted to know how much would it be for 3 nights from the 23 to the 26. 
Penina (February 2012) 
You might still be able to catch the low season rates in March. The high season in Bermuda begins in April. But some hotels may switch to high season rates by then. Please go through the following link of my website and you should get a fair idea of the rates and the best cheap hotels in Bermuda. But for booking, you will need to directly contact the hotel or go through a travel agent. 
Thanks and Regards, 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) February 2012 
I want to return for a vacation this year. Do you have a recommendation, I am out of touch. Maybe a small guest house with barbeque would be best. In Hamilton would be good or not far off. Thanks, 
Karen Kristoff (February 2012) 
Karen, here are a few recommendations: 
1. Rosemont Guest Apartments 
Located within walking distance from Hamilton City center. Includes continental breakfast. The ground floor rooms (like D4) open up to the garden. Some upper floor rooms open up to swimming pool and have great view of the harbor. There is barbecue provision on the garden. Suggest you talk to Ms. Letitia Webb, explain your requirements and get your booking done. She is a very helpful and a friendly lady. One bedroom suit with a kitchen and a patio would be around $200 per night. Check out this link for details and the contacts: Rosemont Guest Apartments 
2. Oxford House 
A nice guest house operating since 1938 and located conveniently in Hamilton City area in a garden setting. The harbor is only 150 yards away. Rates are similar to Rosemont. Check out this link for details: Oxford House 
Hope this helps! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) February 2012 

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