Royal Naval Nights Bermuda

Royal Naval Nights is a new series of festive celebrations held at the Dockyard located at the western end of Bermuda. This is where all the large cruise ships dock (at Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf piers). 
This weekly evening festival is held on Monday evenings starting June 27 and is scheduled to continue for 18 weeks. The earlier event called the Destination Dockyard has been replaced by Royal Naval Nights which is supposed to be a lower budget event with lesser funfair. However it still provides a great option to the cruise ship passengers with evening family entertainment at the western end of the island. 
Royal Naval Nights is somewhat like a replica of the Harbor Nights which is held on every Wednesdays in Hamilton City. You will see Bermuda's traditional local vendors setting up stalls and selling homemade food and drink. There would be the ever popular Gombey dancers who reflect Bermuda's African, Native American and British colonial heritage as they dance to lively rhythms of the drums wearing colorful costumes. And there would also be live entertainment from local as well as the cruise ship entertainers. 
This weekly summer event at the dockyard is sponsored by Bermuda's Department of Tourism, West End Development Corporation (WEDCO), the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line. Until 2010, Bermuda's Chamber of Commerce used to hold this event under the sponsorship from WEDCO and Tourism Department.  
The event has been redesigned and re-branded starting from June 2011. If you had seen the earlier event Destination Dockyard, you will see similar activities like go-carting, jumbo slides, fun castles, face painting, hair braiding, air-brush tattoos and others. The first event of Royal Naval Nights takes off on June 27, 2011. Many of the retail stores within Clocktower Mall would stay open late on the day of the event.  

Location and Contacts

Kings Wharf Bermuda (Royal Naval Dockyard): Ireland Island, Sandys Parish.  
Email to the event marketing group at [email protected] for any specific information about the new event. Phone: 441/234-1709; Phone (Visitors Service Bureau): 441/234-3824. 
Visit Dockyard Map to know how the Dockyard is laid out. There is a ferry terminal right at the dockyard. They operate almost every hour between the dockyard and Hamilton City on the week days. A direct ferry between the dockyard and Hamilton takes a little over 20 minutes. Ferry service is reduced on week ends and public holidays. 
Buses (# 7 and 8) also operate regularly between dockyard and Hamilton City. The bus takes about an hour from Hamilton to Dockyard and runs almost every 15 minutes Monday through Saturday. 

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