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Thanks so much for all the websites. It has taken a little while for me to read through all of them due to a couple of holidays taking me away from my Vacation planning. It looks like we will be coming to Bermuda May 24-May 30. We would like to know about festivals that may be going on during this time.  
Hamilton City seemed to have a great deal of restaurants and things to see. I am getting so excited. We would like to take some tours both walking and riding. 
No snorkeling or diving during this trip. New foods to try always interests us so we would like to know what the locals eat most of the time. Do lots of people come to Bermuda by airplane? Is the airport close? Do cruise ships dock in Hamilton City? 
Brenda Cowan (January 2012) 
Hi Brenda, There are several festivals that take place in Bermuda during the period you mentioned. May 24 is Bermuda Day and is also a public holiday. Parades and other events like races and marathons are held on that day in several places around the island. Hamilton Harbor nights (Wednesdays) and St. George Market nights (Tuesdays) are two other great weekly festivals that take place. Check out the following links for to get an idea of all the festivals during this period: Bermuda Events and Festivals 
Here is the link for Walking Tours: Bermuda Walking Tours 
For riding, check this out: Horseback Riding in Bermuda 
Many tourists come to Bermuda by airplanes and mostly those who want to spend more time on the island rather than on the sea. However cruise passengers are the majority because it's more cost effective (over 350,000 visitors come by cruise every year). 
Bermuda is a tiny island (only 21 square miles in size). So there is nothing too far away, not even the airport. The airport is at the eastern end in St. George. End to end (i.e. from east to west end where the main cruise ship dockyard is located) takes about 2 hours by bus. Hamilton City is in the middle. 
Unfortunately very few ships dock in Hamilton City these days. In 2012, only Veendam of Holland America Line and Regent of Seven Seas are scheduled to dock at Hamilton City port. 
For local food, check out this link to know about what Bermudians like to eat: 
TIP: Try to avoid coming to Bermuda on a Public holiday. Many of the attractions, tours, shops and restaurants remain closed on that day. 
Have a great time in Bermuda! 
Raj ( January 2012 
Raj, Thank you so much for the information ... We are hoping you can help us with our itinerary. We arrive Wednesday May 9th (NCL) 8:00am at the Dockyard. We are planning to visit the Dockyard until the Jessie James Tour. Take the tour return to the ship freshen up then off to Habour Nights. We need help planning Thursday and Friday (leave at 5:00). My husband and I are experienced travelers.  
We plan to use public transportation both the bus and ferry. I have read your walking tours but still need help. We would like to see the perfumery, Flatts, St. Georges including St David Island, the best pink beach (your choice), lighthouses, Somerset Village plus area. Lunch or dinner suggestion for Thursday. We are not interested in the caves or snorkel park. Thank you, thank you for any help you can give us!!!! Also, I am a collector of blown glass. Which would you suggest The Dockyard or Glass Blowing Studio? I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, 
Joanne (April 2012) 
Here are some suggestions for you: 
Thursday: St. George's town and St. Davids 
1) Take the Orange Route Ferry from dockyard and reach St. George's town in the morning. Start early. Check out the ferry timings (service is not as frequent as the other routes). Otherwise take a direct ferry to Hamilton and then take a bus (#1,3,10 or 11). 
2) Take a self guided walking Tour of the St. George's Town and complete the tour in the 1st half (refer my site for directions and places to visit. Check out all the links to get details about the places with pictures). I have shown plenty of museums/ monuments/ churches and other landmarks. Eliminate a few depending on your interest level but include Tobacco Bay Beach and St. Catherine's fort in the tour. Avail the minibus service if you like to save on time. It leaves from Kings Square (the town center). Bermuda Perfumery is centrally located in St. George. So cover that during the tour. Refer to the St. George Town map for directions. 
3) Take bus#6 and come to St. David's. Have your lunch at Black Horse Tavern (authentic Bermudian dishes and seafood). It's likely to be a late lunch. If that doesn't suit, then finish your lunch earlier at Polaris (at Carriage House, budget Bermudian) or White Horse Restaurant (Kings Square, Bermudian and other dishes). Then visit St. David's Lighthouse. You will get details of all these in my site. Just use my site's search bar. You will find that on top right of every page. 
4) Now there are two nice options. Either you can further explore St. David's and go down to Clear Water Beach and adjacent Coopers Island Nature Reserve. Or get back to Kings Square and take bus #10 or 11 for Glass Blowing Studio (closes at 5pm). From here continue on bus #10 or 11 for Flatts Village. Get off at Bermuda Aquarium. From the opposite T-docks you get lovely view of the water area and the village. Cross over the bridge and take a stroll through the village. 
Friday: Somerset and Sandys Parish 
1) Start early. From the dockyard take bus #7 and come to Horseshoe Bay Beach. Spend some time here. 
2) Walk down to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse on St. Anne's Road. You can also take bus #7 (back towards dockyard) and get off at the Lighthouse Road. It's a short walk from there. 
3) Take bus#7 or 8 towards dockyard again and get off at Somerset bridge. Take a walking tour of the Somerset Village. Check out the following link: 
4) Head back to dockyard (bus #7 or 8). Visit the dockyard glassworks if you are still looking for that exquisite piece :-) 
Raj ( April 2012 
Okay, Raj, I have a loaded question for you!! I am getting smart now and I want this vacation to be all it can be especially so my husband will want to go back or at least say wow what a great place (I told you if it does not include a snow mobile or an ice fishing pole he won't go ) so I am thinking of the whole package right down to the last detail and NOW I have thought of the BEST visual aid that mother nature provides free for us........the full moon!! What better than to be there then!!!??? The full moon coming up over the ocean at Bermuda WOW!! I can not wait!!!   
I have a calendar of the full moons for 2013!Now my question to you.....please help me ........What hotels/ b and b's face EAST where the Moon will come up?? That will totally narrow down my search for a place to stay. 
I do not want to be on the "other side" looking at the sunset, which would be great too, but I think the Moon rise would be chilling!! So Raj ol' friend.........;) please help me on this one!! Do you live on the island? If you can help me with this I will buy you a drink when we do get there!! Cheers 
Heidi (April 2012) 
This one is difficult. I don't live on the island. There are large number of hotels on the south shore that may be offering sunrise/moon views, but not from all rooms. The following link will give you an idea about the location of several nice hotels. Depending on the location you like, choose a few hotels (along the shoreline) and write to them to confirm such views. Not sure if there is an easier way out. Here is the link to the hotel location map: Bermuda Hotels Map 
Since you are exploring mother nature's offerings in Bermuda, here is another one for you to ponder about: Bermuda Glow Worms 
Raj ( April 2012 
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