2 days in Bermuda

Many visitors who take a cruise to Bermuda effectively get 2 days or even less in the island. So what can you see and do in just 2 days or perhaps in 1 and 1/2 days in Bermuda? 
If you are not so lucky, one of those precious days may just be a Sunday or a Public holiday when most attractions and activities in Bermuda remain closed. And even worse if it rains in one of those days. So what are the best options in such situations? And what should be the alternative plans? The section below will hopefully answer those questions from real life situations of tourists. 

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Following a serious family illness, I am finally able to bring two of my grown sons on our first vacation in ten years and hope to make it special. We only have two days in Bermuda with our RCI cruise. 
Would it be trying to fit too much to take the ferry from Dockyard to St George (for the Segway), Crystal Cave, and Horseshoe Bay Beach the first day. Then, the second day do the Jessie James snorkeling cruise or the Hartley Helmet dive. My sons won't enjoy being over-scheduled and I'm likely to do just that if I don't keep myself under control. I'd appreciate your opinion. Personal regards.  
Donna Hoover 
Hi, The first day's plan may turn out to be a little hectic unless you generally like to be on the move. You don't seem to be in a position to enjoy that. 
Here is another plan that you may like to consider for day-1:  
Take a morning ferry from dockyard to Hamilton, then take a bus for Crystal Caves. Then come down to Horseshoe Bay Beach by bus #7. Once done with the beach, continue on Bus #7 for the Dockyard. You can have lunch at 'Frog and Onion' in dockyard or go back to your cruise ship for lunch. 
Come back and visit the some of the many attractions within the dockyard complex itself like the National Museum, Dolphin Quest, Snorkel Park, Glassworks, Craft Market, Art Center, Clayworks etc etc. Here also you can take the Segway Machine tour to go around the complex.  
The second day's plan looks fine.  
Hope this helps. Regards,  
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) 
Hello, I will be arriving in Bermuda on September 2nd 3:00 PM and leaving noon on Tuesday - Cruise. What do you suggest is best to do on Sunday? Are there any beaches walking distance to King Wharf? On Monday I plan to do one of the DO IT YOURSELF tours, that you suggest. I love to hike and the beach, than eat, and enjoy the dockyard festival I believe. 
Thank your for your prompt response. 
Candida (Aug 2012) 
Hi Candida, The closest beach is the Snorkel Park which is located at an easy walking distance within the dockyard complex itself. There is an admission fee though. Otherwise take a 10 minute bus ride (route #7 or 8) to Somerset and then walk down to Daniel's Head beach (one of our favorites). Not many tourists know about this.  
Also visit the Somerset Long Bay Beach (within short walking distance from the bus stop at Somerset). When you get back to dockyard, take a look at the boutique shops at Clocktower Mall. Most are expensive, but worth a look. 
In the evening, visit the Frog and Onion pub in dockyard and take a drink of your choice. It's one of the oldest and well known pubs here. You can also join the occasional but popular quiz events held here by Judith and Paul. 
I have suggested many self guided tours under the section Tours and Excursions. Try to mix and match a couple out of those. Since you love the beaches, consider the following two options and tailor them to your needs: 
2. Bermuda Caves, Forts and Beaches (cut out the caves and consider only the 
east-end beaches, restaurants and may the fort). From Kings Square, walk 
instead of taking the mini bus. 
Finally in the evening, get back and enjoy the Destination Dockyard festival. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) 
Hi Raj, 
We will be docked in Kings Wharf for 2 1/2 days (Wed, Thu, Fri), arriving at 8AM.  We are a group of 3 middle age, 2 teens, 1 child and 1 elder (70 yrs old) who love sightseeing, have fun, love seafood, see animals, see sunsets if possible, but not history as much. On Wed morning, we will be snorkeling with Jessie James from 9AM-noon( we will be picked up at King's Wharf, but don't know if they will drop us back at King's Wharf); in the afternoon, we are planning to explore the Dockyard area + National Maritime Museum + Dolphin Quest
On Thursday, we have booked a private land tour to explore Bermuda. We know that we will be visiting St. George, Jobson's Cove, David's lighthouse, Flatt's village, Trinity Church, Warwick Long Bay Beach, Gibb's lighthouse, Somerset Bridge and probably some other places.  We will be picked up early in the morning and dropped back at around 3:30PM at King's Wharf. 
With the remaining time on Thursday afternoon and basically a whole Friday (have to be back in the ship by 3PM the latest), we would like to visit Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo, snorkel at Church Bay (we do have our own snorkeling gear, but are there any changing facilities?) and be able to take the Orange Route Scenic Ride (whole route, if possible), making stops specially at the Watford Bridge and spend some time in Somerset Village. How to best accomplish this?  Please suggest itinerary and bus or ferry routes and any inexpensive seafood place to eat would be greatly appreciated. How to tell if the ferry is the express or slow sightseeing one that make extra stops and how to find out their schedule? Thanks again, 
Hi Chris, 
There are basic changing facilities at Church Bay Beach in Mobile/Portable toilets. There is also a small concession stand there run by Louie. On Thursday afternoon, take bus #7 for Church Bay. While returning, get off at Somerset bridge (or Heydon's Trust for Somerset Village) and then Watford bridge, and then finally continue towards the Cruise ship berth Kings Wharf. 
Aquarium Museum and Zoo closes by 5pm (last entry at 4pm). So you can't make it on Thursday. On Friday, take the morning orange route ferry from the dockyard for St George (9:45am) and enjoy the north shore view. From Kings Square (St George), take bus#10 or 11 for the Aquarium. From there continue on the same bus for Hamilton City. Have Seafood at Lobster Pot ($$) and get back to Kings Wharf by direct blue route ferry. 
You will get the ferry schedule from Bermuda Ferry Service 
Have a great time in Bermuda!!! 
Hi Raj, 
Thank you so so much for all the info. This will be so helpful. You are really great. Your site and your help is a true finding for all those that plan to travel to Bermuda. 
Thanks again, 
I am arriving at the Dockyard Monday May 13 at 9:00am and would like to spend that day seeing: Hamilton - Front St., lunch at Hog Penny Pub, a look at the Hamilton Princess Hotel. Then also St. George's for the church and the town square. I am very interested in visiting Devils Hole, Swizzle Inn, and Fort St. Catherine and is it Tobacco Bay that is in St. George's or will the Fort give me a beach view? 
The next day we would visit at the Dockyard, as the ship will leave that afternoon. 
I have visited Bermuda many times and I would like my friend to get an overview. BUT can I do these things in an orderly manner for time point to point? Would you suggest the best transportation maybe ferry to Hamilton, then a taxi tour? I would very much like a list of what order to visit each point or suggestions of what to add, omit, change or consider. HELP--WE ARE LEAVING FRIDAY MAY 10 !!! I THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND ATTENTION. 
Carol Perry (May 2013) 
Hi Carol, 
It's difficult for me to respond so quickly as I need to answer so many others and that too after I do my own travel writing. So my answer below would be shorter than I would have liked: 
For visiting Hamilton and St. George on the same day from the dockyard, ideally you should start from St. George, then visit Hamilton and return. But the first ferry for St George leaves dockyard at 9:30am (which I think is difficult for you to take) and the next one is at 11:30am, and that'll be too late. 
So take a blue route ferry from the dockyard and get to Hamilton in the morning. You can either walk down towards west along Front Street to Pitts Bay road and visit heritage hotel Hamilton Princess (about 750 meters). Or take a taxi. On return, walk or take a taxi back to Front street. Having spent some time along Front Street, take lunch at Hog Penny.  
If you have a bus/ferry pass (you will get it at Dockyard Visitors Info Center or at Hamilton Ferry or Central Bus Terminal), you can hop on and off bus #1 or 3 to first reach Devil's Hole in Smith's parish and next Swizzle Inn in Hamilton Parish (close to Crystal Caves). 
From Swizzle Inn, take bus #1, 3, 10 or 11 and reach Kings Square in St. George. Having spent some time here and along water street, either take a taxi or mini bus from the square and reach Tobacco bay and then St Catherine Fort (close by). Get back to Kings Square by minibus or taxi and take bus #10 or 11 for Hamilton. Take the blue route ferry back to Dockyard.  
Next day, you can stroll around and visit some of the Dockyard Attractions
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, May 2013) 
We arrive on Tues on Carnival Cruise Line at 9:00 am  and leave at 4:00 pm Wed.  We would like to see Horseshoe Bay Beach,maybe snorkel park beach,Achiles Bay Beach for a sunset,,Building Bay Beach, Swizzle Inn, and the  cathedral maybe. If you have any suggestions of how to plan that out I would appreciate your help. Thank you so much. 
Janine Kessler (October 2016) 
Day-1: Take the blue route ferry from dockyard to Hamilton. Walk down to the Cathedral. Take bus #10 or 11 from the main bus terminal in Hamilton and get off at Swizzle Inn. Have your lunch and continue on bus #10, 11, 1 or 3 to St. George. Purchase round trip minibus tickets from Visitors Information Center at Kings Square. Visit Building Bay beach and the adjacent Alexandra battery. Hop to the next mini bus and visit Achilles Bay / St. Catherine's fort. Watch the sunset and return to Kings Square. Get back to Hamilton by bus and take a ferry back to Dockyard (watch the last ferry timing). 
Day-2: Visit horseshoe bay beach in the morning (bus #7 or minibus shuttle or taxi from dockyard). Get back to dockyard. Snorkel park is within dockyard (5-6 minute walk from the cruise pier). Visit if you have time before returning to your cruise ship. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, October 2016) 
Hi Raj!! My husband and I will be going on a Bermuda cruise by ourselves (no kids) for the first time in a long time this September and will be there for 2 days. What would you recommend would be the best way to make the best of it?. He does not like the beach too much. We are 45 and 46 y/o. Really appreciate your help... 
Xcel (June 2017) 
You can consider visiting the following places: 
Day1: Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, visit Hamilton and take the train Trolley tour to get a flavor of Hamilton City, at the end of the tour visit BUEI (Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute), walk along Front Street ... do some shopping if you want, or take your dinner at one of the harbor facing restaurants with open balcony. Alternatively after spending brief time in Hamilton, you can take bus #7 in the afternoon to get to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southampton and Horseshoe Bay Beach. 
Day2: Visit Tom Moore's Jungle in the morning and explore the forest, blue holes and caves (better take a guided tour ... Hidden Gems Tours is good), then Visit St. George... you can take a Self Guided Walking Tour or alternatively take a minibus from Kings Square and visit Tobacco Bay beach, Fort St. Catherine, Gates Fort etc and do visit St. Peter's Church (walking distance from Kings Square). 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, June 2017) 
My family and I will be taking the Anthem of the Seas to Bermuda in July.  We will be docked in Bermuda on Monday, July 1st (arriving at 9am) and Tuesday, July 2nd (leaving at 5pm).  
There will be 4 of us.. including my spouse and 2 kids (ages 12 and 13).  We have never been to Bermuda before.  What do you recommend for an itinerary? 
The only things that may be a must is some time at a beautiful beach (I'm thinking Horseshoe Bay or Jobson's Cove?), spending some time shopping in Hamilton and maybe a fort too.  My son is on the spectrum and does not like snorkeling, but does love to go in the ocean (go figure). 
Please give me some ideas of what you would recommend and the best approach to getting the most for our time. Thanks, 
Marty (January 2019) 
Hi, on day-1 try to take the first ferry from dockyard to St. George (the old town and UNESCO World Heritage site). Spend some time there (Kings Square, St. Peter's Church etc) and then take bus #1 or 3 to Crystal Caves. Having visited the caves, walk down to Blue Hole Hill Circle (2-3 minutes from Crystal cave bus stop) and take bus #10 or 11 to visit the Aquarium. From there continue on bus #10 or 11 to Hamilton City. Visit Hamilton Fort and do some shopping on Front Street (note that shops close by 5:30pm). So time your visits accordingly. Get back to Dockyard by the Blue Route Ferry from Hamilton Ferry Terminal. You should ideally buy a 1-day pass from Dockyard Visitors Service Centre for each of you to get unlimited bus/ferry rides for the day.  
On day-2, take bus #7 or a beach shuttle from dockyard to Horseshoe bay beach. From there take the beach trail and walk down to Jobson's Cove and then to adjacent Warwick Long Bay Beach (total of 1.25-mile walk). Come up to the road and take bus #7 back to dockyard. Spend some time to visit a few attractions in Royal Naval Dockyard including the National Museum, Dolphin Quest (located within the museum complex), Clock Tower Mall (one more opportunity for shopping), Jon Faulkners Gallery etc, ride the free train trolley that completes a full circuit through dockyard passing by various historical sites and attractions. You can pay the bus fares in cash or token (beach shuttles take only cash). 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, January 2019) 
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