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You will often hear tourists talking about avoiding a Sunday in Bermuda because most attractions, shops and tour operators remain closed. But if you are the type looking for some tranquility in the island and its original laid back flavor, Sunday is the day and St. George is the place. This old town with its quiet narrow lanes and quaint houses provides a refreshing start to a relaxed Sunday morning. 
So how should you plan your Sunday at St. George? Here is what we love to do. Firstly, we try to stay at St. George as we wake up lazily on a Sunday morning. If we are docked at the western end or staying in a hotel in Hamilton, we would unhesitatingly take a bus to St George's Town in the morning. 
Once in Kings Square, walk leisurely up to the St. Peter's Church. The church is located on Duke of York Street, which is the main road in St. George. There is a Sunday service at 11:15 am. This oldest Anglican church in the western hemisphere provides a divine experience as you join the Sunday service. You will be pleasantly surprised to see there are other tourists like you attending the service along with many locals. 
Sunday is a typical brunch day in Bermuda. Most Bermudians take it really easy on this day. They usually skip their regular breakfast and go for brunch which is an in-between meal that combines breakfast and lunch together. So follow the islanders footsteps and try out a brunch.  
Here are some of the great places to take your Sunday brunch or even lunch in St. George. 
Located at 36 Water Street, the restaurant has an open terrace and a patio overlooking the St. George's Harbor. They serve nice lunch. 
Gojo's Coffee Shop X Closed 
It's a small budget eatery located at Kings Square and next to the Visitors Information Center. Take the cowboy sandwich and a coffee. Wonderful experience with great views of the harbor. They also have gluten free items. 
7 Kings Square (Phone: 441 297-0614). 
Polaris X Closed 
This restaurant at the old Carriage House comes with great promises at very reasonable prices. Although the view from inside is limited, from the patio outside, the water view is spectacular (Somers Wharf, 22 Water Street). NOTE: Polaris has closed down and a new restaurant Tempest Bistro has come up in August 2014. 
After brunch, take a stroll around the Olde Towne Market which is held on Water Street only on Sundays. It is like a mix of country fair and flea market where many local vendors set up stalls and sell homemade products. This is a great opportunity to meet up with the locals and observe how they go about shopping for their regular household needs (note that the market operates in October to December, and April to July). If you are staying in an apartment with cooking facilities, this is an ideal place to pick up fresh farm products and fish of the day. You can also sample many homemade products like jams and jelly, Bermuda honey and more. Update: Olde Towne Market has been discontinued. 
Take a leisure walk along the Government Hill Road, pass by Somers Garden and historic Unfinished church and reach Tobacco Bay Beach. Having spent some time here lounging on the beach, we would walk further up towards Achilles Bay beach. The Beach House restaurant here is a wonderful place to view the sunset over Achilles Bay while sipping a cocktail. It's a great way to end the day. 
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