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Over the past many years we have realized that Hamilton City is where we would eventually end up spending a lot of time during our vacations. Whether its the City Tour, or shopping or simply hanging around to feel the vibe of this vibrant place, the fact is we would be walking a lot along the streets of Hamilton. And that's what most of the tourists do as well. 
And then, it becomes important to find a nice quiet place or a corner to relax and take some rest. If your legs are tiring, or if you have your family and children, you will probably need to find a park or a quieter place in this busy little city to take a break, have some snacks and beverages, or may even have lunch out of the lunch pack you are carrying with you. 
So where do you go? Here are some great parks and gardens in the city that we love for rest and relaxation. 
This relatively new area next to the Ferry Terminal on Front Street has been opened just for this purpose. The earlier car park has been now redesigned to have an excellent harbor-front area to relax and rest with your family. There are snack counters that offer sandwiches and other stuff along with hot and cold beverages. You will find many locals and tourists relaxing here or having their lunch. So if you are coming from the Kings Wharf Dockyard by ferry or leaving by the ferry, this is where you can take a break before you move forward. 
Another nice quiet park which can be approached from Queen Street or from the Par-la-Ville Road. Queen Street runs opposite to the Ferry Terminal on Front Street. As you enter Queens Street, the park is only few steps away next to the Historical Society Museum where there is an entrance. And right next to the entrance is Lemon Tree Cafe where you can pick up your snacks or pack our lunch. 
Point Pleasant Park is a lovely park at the Albuoys Point, located right behind the Front Street ferry terminal and the Bank of Bermuda building. There are benches along the waterfront where you can sit and relax watching the passing sailboats on the harbor. There are also public toilet facilities on the Point Pleasant Road that leads to the park. 
From the ferry terminal at Front Street, walk towards west keeping the harbor on the left. In just few minutes you will reach the beautiful waterfront Barr's Bay Park which can be approached through a lane. There are nice shaded trees here with benches facing the harbor. A great place to sit and relax. 
If you are somewhere close to the main bus terminal at Hamilton City or the City Hall, the nearest park is the Victoria Park located right behind the City Hall on Victoria Street. It has an old band stand which has been recently refurbished. There are shaded trees and benches where you can sit and relax. 
If you are planning to walk down to Fort Hamilton located on Happy Valley Road leading from the Kings Street at the eastern side of the city, then another wonderful area to relax would be the tropical garden around the fort. The earlier dry moat around the fort has been converted into this beautiful green garden with many trees. 
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