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If you are a family travelling to Bermuda with kids, there are some activities that your children will love to experience in Bermuda. While most of them would be water based activities, there are some special celebrations in Bermuda that kids can enjoy to the fullest. Here are all the activity options for families with children and kids: 
If your kids are above 5 years and love water, then helmet diving can possibly make their dream come true. This really has nothing to do with diving, in fact kids do not even need to know swimming. A boat will take the families to a point where water depth is about 10 to 12 feet, and then take them down one by one with a helmet on. 
As you stand on the floor and start to walk around, your head will remain dry and you will see the best of underwater marine world that you had dreamt about, including corals, different kind of fish and other marine life. The kids can even hand feed the fish. If you hear people saying that they have seen all of Bermuda's underwater life after a glass bottom boat tour, that's probably because they don't know what they have missed. 
Celebrated on every Wednesdays during the high season (May through September), Harbor Nights is a great festival that takes place on the Front Street of Hamilton City. The whole street gets illuminated and there are lots of vendors with colorful dresses selling all sorts of things including food. 
The kids can ride the toy-train like vehicle or dance to the rhythm of Gombeys. You will also see performances by the Bermuda bands. It's a great show and enjoyable evening, even if you are watching all the activities from one of the upper floor balconies of a restaurant while sipping a drink. 
They will take you to places where the kids can sit around a glass bottom floor and see the fish and corals. They can also feed the fish. They can also see hundreds of turtles in the water. 
In Bermuda, there are two ways you can plan snorkeling activities for your children as well as for yourselves. One is the beachside snorkeling, the other is offshore snorkeling. While there are many beaches with shallow and calm waters that are great for snorkeling, offshore snorkeling is something different. A boat takes you to the offshore snorkeling spot. The water is so clear and visibility is so high that the experience is absolutely breathtaking. You will feel as if you are flying in the water. In offshore snorkeling, You will also be able to see shipwrecks other than spectacular marine life. 
In this section, I have described almost all types of tours that you can take in Bermuda. Some tours are particularly great for families and children. Follow the link and choose the tours that best suit your plans. 
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This is a great festive celebration that takes place in Dockyard on every Monday during the summer months (starting from May/June) and is ideal for families and kids. Local vendors set up stalls for food and drinks, and there would be art and craft, entertainment from the local entertainers and the ever popular Gombey Dancing. 
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Held in the Snorkel Park Beach venue at the dockyard between 7pm-10pm, it gives a great option for a nighttime family entertainment in Bermuda. Other than beachside dinner, you can enjoy a lot of entertainment including dancing and singing contests, congo lines, limbo dancing, DJs and steel pans. Children under 12 are free. 
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