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First off, I'd like to thank you for your website; it's very informative and just what I was looking for. I do have one question for you... if you were going to propose on a vacation to Bermuda... where would you do it? I hope to hear from you soon. 
Robin Smith (April 2011) 
Robin, You know what you've asked is a loaded question. Even if I tried my best, I'm sure you will still look for ways to perfect it. Don't get awestruck with all what I'm saying here. My web based communications are after all for everybody who finds it interesting :) 
I am probably going a step forward to talk not only about where I would propose if I really were to do it again, but also how. I made my own proposal some decades back, successfully ... a bond lasting until now with unabated passion. Not sure the same approach and place would work for someone else. I say approach because I don't think it's just about the place and time, it's also about yourself. That's how I look at it personally. 
Holding my heart and eyes firm as well as the resolve, I would keep looking at her without a blink and when she asks me what's up? I would just propose and speak my heart ... That's my first approach irrespective of the place and time ;) Otherwise I would try again, and this time in Bermuda...  
We would dine together in Tom Moore's Tavern in Bailey's Bay, go back in time when the Irish poet Thomas Moore wrote most of his best verses here in early 1800s. It was here where he proposed to Nea Tucker. With the fireplace, casement windows, shipbuilders' cedar joinery, English silver, German crystal and Luxembourg china, you can't ask for more in a romantic dinner. This has been one of our personal favorites. It could also be a great place for taking a bold romantic step in life. 
Some say that sunset is probably not the time to propose. After all the sun is setting. To me the setting sun has always been symbolic of a new beginning. When the sun rises again, who knows I could have a different meaning to my life altogether. I would choose Achilles Bay close to St. Catherine's Fort, have a Champaign served on the beach by the restaurant Black Beard's Hideout, and propose at the backdrop of the guiding sun. 
You know what, it also depends on the time of the year. If you are in Bermuda during winter between November to March, the Horseshoe Bay Beach is so quiet and serene. The beach is at its romantic best during this time and ideal for a proposal. 
While having a walk along the beach on an early winter morning, this is where I had actually proposed to my wife many years back. She was then holding hand of a stray child on the beach. As I kept looking at her on that murky morning while the waves pounded on the shore, something from inside pushed me and I couldn't resist. It wasn't planned. When I said it, she gave me a long stare. As  I saw her eyes finally blink and a subtle smile appearing at the corner of her lips, I quickly held her other hand :) 
You choose Robin and let loose your imagination. But write back to say what you did. Whatever you do, your question says it all ... you deserve the very best in your life. 
Raj ( April 2011 
Well Raj... I'm happy to say that the proposal went off without a hitch and she said YES!!! I spent a lot of time looking over your response as well as additional information that I was able to pull off of the internet and I was even more confused than when I started. There are so many beautiful spots in Bermuda - I really had no idea how to decide on one spot.   
I reached out to a local wedding and event planner on the island and asked for her assistance. We e-mailed back and forth and she got an idea of what I was looking for and planned the perfect proposal for me. 
For a very reasonable fee, she arranged for a taxi to pick us up at the airport and bring us directly to Stone Hole Bay. There, she drew a huge heart in the sand, covered the area with rose petals, set up a blanket, a bucket of beverages, flowers and some other goodies on the beach and she was off to the side to take pictures. I’m extremely pleased to say that I wouldn’t have done anything different…. 
Robin Smith (July 2011) 
Congratulations Robin!! I'm delighted to hear this. God bless you both. 
Raj ( July 2011 
Hello I read the proposal story of Robin Smith and was wondering if he or you could help me out with a planner because that is just what I'm looking for and now am very excited. I appreciate any help. thanks 
Scott H (March 2014) 
Hi, You will get contact info of Bermuda's local planners Here 
Raj ( March 2014 
Here are some more great places to drop to a knee and ask the biggest question in your life: 
A tiny but one of the loveliest pink south shore beaches in Paget which remains secluded almost all the time. The reason being that it takes a bit of a hike and courage to take the steep trail from the park above which leads down to the beach below. But once there, the views of the water, offshore reefs and surroundings are stunning. 
Located in St. George on a hill, the construction of the church remained unfinished. Although not a functional church, the edifice with its lovely surroundings, architecture and the way it has blended with the nature has create a unique romantic aura around it. 
The only real forest in the island, it has so much of romantic variations to offer ... a blue lake surrounded by mangroves (known as Blue Hole), cliffs, many caves and grottos where one can even swim, and of course the jungle trail leading through amazing flora and fauna. All what you will hear is birds chirping. 
This is a small bay on south shore next to Warwick Long Bay and surrounded by dramatic rock formations making it a picture perfect cove. Unless there is a wedding function being held or a couple like you who were smarter to arrive ahead of you, the cove would be mostly yours, at least for a while to make your proposal in private. 
Raj ( February 2016 
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