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If you want to take a Sunday walk through a scenic route in Bermuda while enjoying the company of the local walkers, a great option is the Walking Club of Bermuda. For visitors, it's free and it's real fun. For regular members who are citizens or residents of Bermuda, there is an annual fee. 
The Club meets on every Sunday at 7am. Here is a little background and what you can expect out of these walks which are usually 6-7 miles long. The Walking Club of Bermuda was founded in 1990. They generally try to keep off the busy roads and use the Railway Trail and the side roads with scenic views. 
If you join them, you'll meet diverse range of people from all walks of life, who love to walk and take it seriously as an exercise. And you will find many residents of Bermuda as well as visitors like yourself. Sometimes as a pleasant surprise, at the end of the walk you may be invited by a local walker to his or her home for a Codfish Breakfast
Remember there is no physical club premises and the walks on a day can start from any location in the island. The island is small so reaching a place in the morning before the rush hour is not an issue anyway. The different starting location and a new route helps keeping the monotony away as you get to see new scenery and views every Sunday. Mostly the walks start from somewhere in the central parishes making it convenient for all to reach the starting point. 
If you are a visitor wanting to enjoy the companies of the locals and experience a small part of their regular island life, this is a great way to do that. And for an occasional visitor, the walk is free. An additional bonus is experiencing a route which normally the locals only know. 
You will see some extraordinary sights on the way. Depending on the route, it could be the Admiralty House caves, or Fort Popple at the Coopers Island Nature Reserve at the far end of St. David's or the Lost at Sea Memorial at the Battery at Great Head Park, and so on. 
Walking Club of Bermuda 
Bermuda Walking Club 
Photo Source: Walking Club Of Bermuda 
Before the walkers start the walk, they gather and form a circle. Then something like a roll call takes place in a very informal way where the walkers introduces themselves. This helps to know who are in the group for the day, the count of people, and if there are any visitors who may need some special attention during the walk.  
Most of the times the routes are 6 to 7 miles long and chosen in a way so that you loop back finally to the same point where you started. Sometimes exceptions are made and the group decides to take a one way adventure walk. Usually the walks end with a glass of fresh juice.  
Once in a year the group takes a long one-way route for about 9-miles. Such walks are pre-planned and well organized. Usually a long walk would be followed by breakfast at a local's home. One such long walk route is a trek from Shelly Bay to St. George's when the breakfast is often hosted by the Robinsons at the Aunt Nea's Inn. 
For circular routes, the members usually reach the starting point by their cars. Visitors unless they are staying close, would need a public transport to reach the starting point. For the one way walks, the members and visitors normally take a bus or ferry rides on their way back from the finishing point. 
Remember a few things while taking the walks. These walks are meant for physical exercise and not for leisure sightseeing. So the pace is good although these are not speed walks. The 6 to 7 miles distance is covered in a span of 2 hours and the walkers return or reach the finishing point by 9am. If you are a visitor, there will be someone always looking for you and ensure that you do not fall behind. And if you don't want to walk that distance, there are cut off points from where you can always break the walks and bid good bye to the others. 


You can get current walking schedule and other information on their website: www.walkingclubofbermuda.com 
For further information, email [email protected] or call 441 747-4254. 
They also have both Facebook (Walking Club of Bermuda) and Instagram (@Walkingclubofbermuda) pages. 
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