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If you haven't yet looked at all that I have described under Walking Tours and Hikes, then I would strongly recommend that you first take a look at those and then come back to this page. Here in this page, I have described some more great Bermuda walking routes that you would love to explore if you have more time to walk around the island. 
7.5 miles  
Take right out onto Front Street, down East Broadway to Trimingham Hill. Left along South Road up McGall's Hill to St. Mark's Church. Left on St. Mark's Road and right onto Verdmont Road. Left onto Middle Road. Right onto Store Hill. Left onto Railway Trail to Palmetto Road. Then left onto Cedar Avenue. Up and over Burnaby Street right on Front back to Albuoy's Point.  
5.5 miles  
Start at parking lot at Astwood Park, Warwick. Proceed out of Park across South Road to Warwick Lane. Left on Spice Road, Right at Tribe Road to Railway Trail. Right on Railway Trail all the way to the Tribe road just before "S" Hill in Paget. Right on Tribe Road straight up hill, cross Ord Road to Southcote Road to South Road. Take South Road all the way back to Astwood Park. 
6 miles 
Start at the parking lot Right on South Road, left on Tribe Road #7 (horse trail) to Spice Hill Road. Right on Spice Hill, veer right on Warwick Lane then to Khyber Pass. Left on Railway Trail to Church Road. Left on Church, left on St. Anne's Road past lighthouse. Then left on main road, right through the back of the Southampton Princess hotel to Whaler Inn, through to Horseshoe Bay, along beaches back to Chaplin Bay Parking lot.  
6 miles  
Start at the parking lot next to bus stop at East end of Church Bay off South Road. West on South Road to Barnes Corner. West on Middle Road to Whale Bay. Double back East on Railway trail to Church Road. Pick up Railway Trail at Church, follow to Camp Road. Right on Camp Road to Horseshoe Road. Right on South Road to Southampton Princess. Through Southampton Princess, bear left through Golf Club to Lighthouse Road. Left on Lighthouse Road to St. Anne's Road. Right on St. Anne's Road to Church Road. Left on Church, right on South, back to start.  
6 miles 
Walk down Lighthouse Hill and left onto St. Anne’s Road. Follow St. Anne’s Road to Tribe Road # 3. Take a left on Tribe Road #3 to South Road. Turn right on South Road and follow road all the way to where it meets Middle Road (Barnes’ Corner). Turn right on Middle road and take Railway Trail (Railway Trail will be on the waterside for a few minutes) and then cross back over Middle Road and back onto Railway Trail.  
Follow Railway Trail to Camp Hill. Go down Camp Hill and take right on Middle Road. Cross over and go up Burnt House Hill onto Harbour Road. Follow Harbour Road around to Tamarind Vale. Follow Tamarind Vale all the way round and back on Middle Road.  
Turn right on Middle Road and cross over. Turn left onto Tribe Road. Follow the path all the way through to the Railway Trail. Cross over and go up steps and follow the foot path all the way to South Shore Road. Cross over and go down through the beach trails.  
Walk along the beach trails to Horseshoe Bay. When you get to the Horseshoe Bay car park, take a left into the Whaler Inn parking lot. Walk through the hotel property, past the golf club and onto Lighthouse Road. Take a left on Lighthouse Road and then a right onto Church Road and then a left back up to the Lighthouse.  

Towards North Shore

(Flexible Time) 
Start from Front Street at Hamilton City and walk towards west. Bear left on Pitts Bay road and then on St. John's road. You will get Spanish Point Road. Continue to walk towards west to reach the Admiralty House and Park. Take a leisure walk around the park for a while. 
Follow the shady trees and you will find a nice beach at Clarence Cove. There is a trail to the beach that winds down from the hillside. After enjoying the beach get back to the road and continue until Black Watch Pass. On the North Shore Road, through a gap in the wall you can climb down the steep steps leading to the Deep Bay
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