Bermuda Apartment Rentals

There are some great apartments in Bermuda that are reasonably priced, clean and offer excellent setup. So if you are looking for homelike setting, like grocery shopping and cooking your own food while enjoying full privacy, Bermuda apartment rentals are ideal choice. 
These apartments, which are like self catering efficiency units would each have a room, well equipped kitchenette, and attached bath. The suites would have a living room additionally. 

Great apartment rentals in Bermuda

Here are the Categories and Indicative Rates (for two persons per night) 
$ = Rates from $150 - $175; $$ = Rates from $175 - $275. 
Note: Rates can vary depending on the season. Summer rates are usually higher than winter rates. 
Keep in mind that there is generally 9.75% occupancy tax and 10% of resort levy applicable. Extra charge is applicable for additional persons or even for kids above some age. Ask the property owner about any extras that you might have to pay. in general, the rates do not include any meals or breakfast. Also note that all apartments may not have wi-fi or any form of internet access. You may like to check that before booking if that is your key requirement. 
I have reviewed a number of apartments here that offer great value for money. The ones below are not only nice but are all inspected and licensed by Bermuda Department of Tourism and are highly rated as well. However most would require minimum number of night stays which can be 3-4 nights or more. 
Category: $$, Location: Warwick Parish, Bermuda 
Clairfont in our views is one of the finest budget accommodations in Bermuda. We found this property spotlessly clean. Clairfont is close to some of the best south shore beaches in Bermuda. 
Category: $$, Location: Warwick Parish, Bermuda 
If you are looking for a secluded apartment rental in Bermuda, with romantic settings and a beach which is almost like your own, Marley can be the answer. Every time we stayed here, it was like a perfect bliss. 
Category: $, Location: Hamilton, Pembroke Parish 
Mazarine by the sea has a lovely cottage and 7 apartments. It's right on the oceanfront and offers a great budget accommodation for a quiet stay. It is only 20 minutes walk from the city of Hamilton on the North Shore Road. This is where it gets as quiet as it can be in Bermuda. Great choice for a romantic vacation. Has a lovely pool and a lawn. 
Category: $, Location: Paget Parish 
Dawkins Manor, located in a quiet place in Paget parish, has eight very nice apartments to offer. The property has won many awards from the tourism department of Bermuda. Many of the Bermuda's top attractions like the south shore beaches and city of Hamilton are only few minutes away by ride. 
Category: $, Location: Hamilton, Pembroke Parish 
Robin's nest offers a set of excellent self-contained apartments in Bermuda. If you like to stay a little away from the main city of Hamilton, this can be an excellent option, although it takes only 10 minutes to reach the city by bus. 
Category: $, Location: Paget Parish 
Nice family owned apartments with one and two-bedroom accommodations having all standard amenities. The one-bedroom suites have full kitchen as well. The property is located on South Shore road and only 10 minute walk from Elbow Beach and 10 minute bus ride from Hamilton City. The family also runs a restaurant just next to the apartments. There is also a grocery store within easy walk. 
Category: $, Location: Devonshire Parish 
Located quite centrally in Bermuda, Barngrove has two guest apartments that are part of a private home. The property is owned by the Holmes family and is nestled in a beautiful lush garden. Due to its central location, Barngrove is quite close to both the City of Hamilton as well as the great south shore beaches. 
Category: $, Location: Hamilton Parish 
Brightside guest apartments property is located at the eastern end of Bermuda near the Flatts village. It's a great place for an informal and relaxing vacation. Many of the island's attractions are within close reach including Bermuda Aquarium and the Shelly bay beach. 
(Available on monthly rent) 
Category: $, Location: St. George's 
Great for a couple looking to stay in a well maintained old house steeped with history, conveniently located and close to the town's main attractions at the same time. 
Category: $$, Location: Pembroke Parish 
Rosemont offers very nice Bermuda apartments in a central location in Pembroke parish. Most of the apartments have great views of the Hamilton harbor. This property is only few minutes away from the downtown Hamilton and provides all convenience required by both vacationers and business travelers. 
Category: $$, Location: Warwick Parish 
Located on South Shore Road in Warwick, Sandpiper Apartments in Bermuda provides a good bargain along with convenience. South Shore Beaches and the Hamilton Restaurants are all within few minutes of bus ride. 

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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Carrielynn (July 2013) 
Hi my husband and I are and our 6 year old DD are planning a family trip to Bermuda for next summer with friends. We would be 4 adults and 2 kids. We are looking for a cottage with 2 or 3 bedrooms with an eat in kitchen where we can cook meals as my DD has a lot of food allergies. Would prefer something with a beach for the kids. Would consider a hotel with a large cottage or other rentals. Husband and I have not been to Bermuda since our honeymoon and always stayed at the Reefs but rates there are beyond our budget and not much to do for kids. Love the Southampton area but would be willing to look elsewhere. Any recommendations? 
Raj ( July 2013 
Hi, I suggest that you go through some of the properties (cottage rentals) listed in and Both these are Bermuda based authentic companies offering cottage and apartment rentals through out the island that can match almost all requirements. There are several accommodations by the beaches. 
Annette (July 2012) 
Which rentals (for 4 or 5 days) are closest to Horseshoe Bay? I'm visiting only to enjoy ONE beach in Bermuda because my husband does not like beaches but we will go out in the early evening elsewhere.   He has skin issues and really can't be in the sun either but he may go on beach in evening or take glass boat tours.   I've never been to Bermuda but because we are limited income, I'd stay at the cleanest hopefully modern apt rental, nothing fancy (a fridge only) so I can walk to beachin late morning and then go out at night.  Hope the apts or hotels don't have bedbugs or insect issues. I'm not going on a cruise because they say you are on the island only two days on a 7day cruise. Hope you respond?  I'm deaf so I need to use email. Thanks 
Raj ( July 2012 
Hi Annette, Clairfont Apartments is a good choice for your requirements. Two of the best beaches - Warwick Long Bay is only 5 minutes walk and Horseshoe Bay Beach is 20 minutes walk. The apartment units (only 8 of them - two studios and 6 one bedroom units) are clean and nice. Book early as it's on high demand. The current rates are $175 per day for one bedroom units (double occupancy), and $150 per day for studios. Taxes and surcharge extra. Regards,