Bermuda Experiences

Many visitors of Bermuda came back and wrote to me about their experience in the island and continue to do so. Some have visited as tourists, and some on work permits living there for several years. There is one consistent message which keeps coming out from most... Bermuda is still a piece of paradise on earth. Here are the experiences shared by the visitors. 
Brenda (February 2020) 
This will be our 2nd trip to Bermuda. We were there for our honeymoon in 1980.we had planned to return for our 25th anniversary but where we stayed at the Castle Harbor Hotel was torn down about a year before our 25th. We were sort of sad and just never got there then as other things came up. After all these years went by we are finally returning for our 40th anniversary. 
We are bringing along my husbands 2 brothers and a sister in law. We all plan to have a drink at the White Horse Saloon in memory of my father in law who used to hang out  there with his buddies while he was stationed in Bermuda. We plan to redo many of the things we did on our honeymoon. 
Crystal Cave, the beautiful beaches, a rum swizzle cruise, the churches, Gibbs Lighthouse and so much more. We loved it all. We want to see all those again and also  some of the things we didn't see the first time, such as The Dockyard, the Forts, The Gombey Dancers on Harbour Night if they will be performing by April 22 and so much more. We absolutely loved Bermuda and can't wait to return. We love that the Island seems to be just about exactly how it was when we were 1st there. 
Mayra Feliciano (November 2018) 
I went to Bermuda 3years in a roll, I just had to go to the perfumery and it was amazing, the scents were beautiful, I purchased Lilly Bermuda, Coral... they are the best. 
Mark Damia (July 2018) 
Hey Raj, Sitting here with my wife in a sweet rented cottage on the water in Somerset reminiscing about the first time my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I came here in 1981. I remember going to the disco in Prospero's Cave and having to wear a jacket and ruining it on the cave floor from the mineral-laden water. Good Times! We have been here 7 times. Great website. 
P.S.  We are foodies. Best food we have had this time so far is Woody's fish sandwich (unbelievable!) and the food at Tempest in St. George. 
Stephen Gallagher (July 2018) 
My one and only trip to Bermuda was to the Loew's Bermuda Beach at the end of May 1988.  Unfortunately, the hotel went on fire about two hours after my family checked in. The restaurant on the top floor went ablaze and it took about three hours for the fire department to get the fire under control. We were sent to the Elbow Beach Hotel for one night and then brought back to the LBB for the remainder of our stay, but it put a damper on the whole trip. There was no restaurant, all our clothes were ruined, and there was soot on all the walls. As a compensation, Loew's offered a free two night stay at either their hotel in New York City or in the south of France, transportation not included.   
Nadia Cheluk (November 2017) 
Hi Raj, We've just returned from our visit to Bermuda.  Your entry fees to attractions are great prices as is your one week buss pass. Our concern with busses was that as we were going back to airport no busses were running because all drivers were at a meeting, forcing us to take a taxi.  We were on a strict budget. We were quoted prices from taxi drivers anywhere from $30 to $40 from bus terminal.. We had no idea busses would not be running.   
Beaches are beautiful and were still warm enough to swim.  People were super friendly and helpful. Because we took bus it took us a little longer to get around so we didn't see everything on our list but that was ok. Hopefully we will be back one day. 
Laura Humphries (May 2017) 
In 1983 at the age of 20 my boyfriend and I (now my husband) stayed for a magical week at the Mermaid Beach Club. The beach was beautiful and the place had such a special vibe. It was my first grown-up vacation...took me awhile to save up for it, but so worth it. We dressed up for dinner every night and everyone else did too. The dinner was 4-5 courses, and the food was totally amazing!! And they also had great social events like Rum Swizzle Parties at around 4pm or 5pm (dinner was at 8pm I think) where you got to know the other guests. They also had piano players, etc in the little pub. Everything was perfect there and we met some very nice people on that vacation. I remember getting particularly dressed up to go see a Vegas type show of some sort at the Princess Hotel one night.  
We rode mopeds for the first time while there, and the guy who showed us how to ride recited a little poem that I still remember: "Ride on the left side, not the right side. Because the right side is suicide. So take pride in how you ride." We explored what I remember as an enchanted island on our mopeds - Hamilton, Horseshoe Bay Beach, the light house, dinner right on the Beach at Elbow Beach, lunch at Swizzle Inn...and many other spots. 
We've been back three more times over the years and we saw that the Mermaid Beach was getting ready for demolition it looked like when we stopped on our mopeds in 2002 while staying at Sonesta Beach (which was also closed when we returned in 2008 to stay at the Princess). The last time we were there in 2013 for Christmas we stayed at the Pompano Beach Club which was also fun...just too out of the way for my taste. 
Of all the times we've been, the first time was our favorite and we loved Mermaid Beach. The last time we went (which was off season) we did not feel quite as welcome at some of our old standby restaurants. We felt a bit like the locals were not crazy about sharing some of the night spots with tourists - and maybe that is to be expected at certain times of the year. It is still an awesome place to visit - but I will always remember what seemed like more of a heyday for the island when we went the first time. Still Bermuda is our favorite island vacation. 
Edward Cihanowic (May 2017) 
I visited Bermuda on a cruise a short while ago. I was disappointed. When I was younger I came to Bermuda 3 times and stayed at the Elbow Beach Hotel. No matter where we went there was island music. (Yellow Bird Etc.) and steel drum music. This time at the market where the ships docked there was only on older women who had a stall that played island music. She said all the people play modern music on the island now. The feeling just wasn't there anymore. What a shame. 
Bill (October 2016) 
Just returned home from a cruise to Bermuda. While docked in Dockyard, we rented a pontoon boat and visited the Vixen and fed the fish and later beached the boat at a local park. We decided to move on to Middle Kings Island and noticed a "No Trespassing Sign." We respected the sign and motored up to Snorkel Park and anchored there. Loved every minute of our time in Bermuda and will definitely return soon. 
Russell (October 2016) 
We traveled to Bermuda on NCL 9/25/16. Tokens for busses and ferry rides were still readily available at visitors center. I purchased them each morning as needed, as these were definitely the most most cost effective means to travel if you only plan on going to one main destination a day.  
#7 to Horseshoe bay from Dockyard was very crowded (as expected) with long waits (45mins). Tourists are very admit about "their spot in line" and i saw quit a few aggressively guarding their spots, which can make it a bit tense. 
Ride back from Horseshoe was much better, being have mixed with locals, however still crowded and hot. I'd prefer to ride back with locals any day! 
Next day we took Ferry (using tokens purchased at visitors center ) to St George, and then taxi to Tobacco Bay (taxi was $8 total for people). Ferry ride took about 42 mins and was enjoyable. Mood was tense again with tourist line guarding and fearing they wouldn't fit on ferry (ferry is LARGE and holds around 400 passengers). 
Preferred snorkeling at Tabacco over swiming at Horseshoe, but both were enjoyed and made for a great day trip. My advice to anyone going is RELAX! Don't worry about the lines, don't be pushy or passive-aggressively talk about when you got in line or about people cutting in front of you. You're a tourist, just like we were, we are all guest in this beautiful country. Just smile and be happy the locals are sharing it with you. 
Cynthia Huntsbery (September 2016) 
I so much wish i had more time on the island. There was so much to see and explore. The drivers in each area were wonderful; especially Carter.  I will be saving up to come back. We were on a cruise that let us off ship in the hottest part of the day; approx 2:30pm that was not so good. Maybe next time earlier port time. Loved the train to the mall and the mini buses and local busses to meet the locals. All very friendly and helpful. August 2016 my birthday month now 62 yrs old 
Anne Jones (December 2014) First trip to Bermuda 
I visited Bermuda 20-27th November 2014 and had such a great time :-) Have returned to the UK encouraging my friends and colleagues to choose Bermuda as a holiday destination. We found the people we met so welcoming and keen to share stories about Bermuda's history and their own- we met volunteers in historic churches, Hamilton City Hall, Museum staff and those working at the sites we visited, ladies on the bus, and they all made our visit so special and personal. 
We did a taxi tour with Lewis Foggo (we found his details on this site) and that was a real highlight of our stay (thank you Lewis!). Eating out was less expensive that I'd imagined - not all that much more than at home in UK in the middle price range, and quality and service generally better. I really fell for this beautiful place and will be back again next year. 
Hemanth Paranji (July 2014) 
Hi Raj, Thanks for the useful tips and we really appreciate your initiative in having this website. It is much better than Tripadvisor. I went with my wife and kids on Friday July 4th (late night) and returned to NYC on Monday (morning) the 7th.... In effect we were there for 2 full days (a saturday and a sunday). 
On saturday we visited the Dockyard did parasailing and took the glassbottom tour, then went to Fort St. Catherine, jumped about in Tobacco Bay......And on sunday we hired scooters from our hotel (Fairmont Southampton) drove thru the magnificent island and saw the Crystal and Fantasy Caves and then the Aquarium/Zoo/Museum combo and finally headed out to Horseshoe Bay for the grand finale. We had a ball and were actually very depressed to return. 
The only problem Raj - which absolutely no one made us aware of - is the downtown areas are virtually dead on evenings and weekends !!! We hurried to Hamilton to enjoy the downtown activities...but were sorely disappointed to see everything shut and deserted !! And even on weekdays everyone closes down by 5pm ! Could you please mention that in your website Raj ? This could help a lot of visitors from returning with a heavy heart. The 2 day trip cost us about $4000 and there's that little heartache that bothers us about no downtown in the evenings and weekends.... Thanks a ton Raj. 
Ilana Kantey (May 2014) Wonderful time in Bermuda... 
I just returned from the Norweign Breakaway cruise to Bermuda. I had been to Bermuda twice in the 80s and three years ago on the Holland American Cruise that docked in Hamiliton. It was also supposed to dock in St George but couldn't due to a dock workers strike. I thought that being on a cruise that docked in the dockyard wasn't so great. I was wrong. 
It was interesting to see the historic buildings there, and was fun to take the ferries to Hamilton and St George. I really liked learning about Bermuda's history. As an American I was interested in the fact that there was a tie to Jamestown. The Bermudian people helped to save survivors of the famine there. 
While walking in Hamilton I came across the monument which told that a US slave ship had gone off course on the way to selling slaves. Since Bermuda had already abolished slavery the slaves were offered freedom. How strange that one a mother of five turned down the offer as surely her children would have been sold off and she would never have seen them again. 
St George was amazing. I enjoyed reading some of the memorials in the church about young men who died in WW1 and WW2. One only thinks of the Beautiful beaches, interesting colorful houses with the roofs designed to catch water. I stayed away from Horseshoe Bay to avoid the thousands of other tourists and went to beautiful Elbow beach, and Warwick Long Bay, and the sea glass beach which I had never heard about before. 
I am not much of a drinker but enjoyed the sample of Dark n' Stormy at the street fair in Hamilton -- I slept well that night. I also treated myself to a Bermudian fish chowder at the Hamilton Princess where I saw an interesting map of the world on the wall. It had money from various countries covering the countries the money was from. 
One thing I have to say is the Bermudian people were warm and friendly and helpful. One new resident from St Thomas actually gave me a ticket for the bus when I told her I wanted to make an unplanned stop but didn't have a token for that stop. 
It was interesting reading your local paper and reading about jetgate. We had a scandal in Fort Lee, New Jersey where I live called bridgegate. Several people in the new jersey governors office closed several lanes on the busy bridge to New York city as political payback for our mayor not supporting the New Jersey governor, who was from the opposite party. 
One thing that did bother me was that unlike the 80s many businessmen didn't wear Bermuda shorts. 
Holly B (March 2014) First trip to Bermuda... 
A friend and I just returned from our first trip to bermuda, and I  am so  appreciative of the information posted on this site. I used it extensively in planning our trip- Raj, thank you so much! 
1. We stayed at Brightside in Flatts, perfect location!  Right at the  inlet where we watched boats and interesting fish. Convenient to 3 of the  bus lines. Near a couple of restaurants, Indigo is currently closed "for vacation and renovation", but Four Star had excellent Indian food. Wonderful convenience store on the hill above Brightside where we daily stocked up on water, snacks, and hot fresh food from local bakeries. 
2. Loved the bus/ferry pass. Crucial to our getting around was the  color-coded bus map with schedules, and the map of the island. Took those with us everywhere! 
3. One day we started in St George, took the 10:30 walking tour, which was excellent, followed by the noon reenactment, then followed your scenic route through St George, which was wonderful. I especially liked Gates Fort, we climbed up inside to take a much needed break. 
4. One day we walked from Brightside to Spittal Pond, not intentionally, but didn't come across any bus stops on the way! 
5. Got on the railway trail several times, and enjoyed it immensely.  On the trail in Somerset, we were determined to find the Heydon Trust Chapel, and since hardly any sites are marked with signage, it took awhile, but the lovely local people helped us finally find it. 
6. Speaking of the local people, Bermudians are the friendliest and most helpful people, they were just wonderful! 
7. The only unexpected problem we had was that many places have stopped accepting travelers checks, and the girl I was traveling with had brought travelers checks.  Of course she could use her credit card most everywhere, except to buy the bus/ferry pass, those are now cash only. We want to 3 banks, and none of them would exchange the checks for her. 
8. The weather was perfect, and it was a wonderful vacation!  We saw everything we could possibly see in 5 days! I was very glad we came in the off season- no crowds, no lines, no humidity, no one on the beaches, etc. Looking forward to returning! Thank you so much for the extensive information on this web site! 
Fran Chadwick (May 2013) Our visit in May 2013... 
My two girlfriends and I were in Bermuda from May 8-14, 2013. We had THE most wonderful time. The people are so friendly and the hospitality there is amazing. We stayed at a wonderful little guest house right behind the Hamilton Princess hotel and had a beautiful view from the balcony just outside our room. Check it is at 70 Pitts Bay Road and called Happy Landing. I stayed there in 2010 when I came to the island for my first time for the wedding of my niece, who, lucky girl, lives there just about a four minute walk from where we stayed. We shopped, ate at several local eateries, like The Hog Penny, The Pickled Onion, Bouchee, Flanagan's, LaTrattoria and The Bonefish out at the Dockyard and last night at The Swizzle Inn. Wonderful food at all of these places. 
We visited The Dockyard, had dinner with friends who also live there, went to The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (bummed my knee out on the way down 185 steps) but getting better. We sunned on the beach at Jobson's Cove, sang Karaoke at Flanagan's, toured The Spirit of Bermuda when it was docked in Hamilton, and on and on. We had a fabulous time and cannot wait to return again in May of 2014 so we can see more of this beautiful place. It is in our hearts to stay. 
Clifford Stokes (February 2013) Sweet Bermuda ... 
I was undecided a few years ago about which Caribbean Island to visit when my x LADY and I wanted to go on vacation. After a short time of talking about were to go !! I happen to see a commercial while sitting in my living room of a old man with out stretched arms saying "welcome to Bermuda". The look on this man's face told me all I needed as to where I wanted to go for my vacation. I spent 10-days on the beautiful Island, got to meet some wonderful people and some time swimming in the most awesome turquoise water I've ever seen in my life. Can't wait to go back...  
Randy Kitchens (June 2012) My Bermuda Experience... 
I was stationed at the American Naval Base there from '84-'87. My wife and I were both active duty and we had our two small children with us. From the very first crazy taxi ride from the airport to the base we were in love. We lived in Clearview Hotel on Crawl Hill for about 10 months before base housing became available to us. What a place! The people are beautiful and kind. While the restaurants and attractions were all great, I enjoyed exploring the caves around the island the most. The best ones of course being the ones that were closed to the public. The best times of my life. 
Royce (May 2012) Bermuda is the Bomb... 
My wife and I go to Bermuda almost every year. We have been for almost 10 years. Although it's very hot this time of year (cup match) it's worth it. The island is a vibrant place around the tournament. Something else to know about Bermuda: utilize the ferries and the public bus. They are inexpensive and very convenient. The ferry especially. Just go to the post office or somewhere else to buy tickets for the duration of your stay. Great place to visit over all and only a 2 hour flight from all east coast airports. 
Carlotta from Italy (January 2012 Bermuda Forever... 
Hi there, I worked and lived in BDA for 6 years, and my son was also born there in 2008. What can I say just that I left my heart in Bermuda and since 2009 when we left I think about the island every day!!!!!!! The people you live there are so lucky!!!!! It's one of the most beautiful place on earth, is MAGIC!!!!!!!!!! I love you Bermuda and Bermudians!!!!!!!! You will be with us forever!!!!!!! 
Arwana Amos (November 2011) Nine days of Heaven 
I spent 9 days and 8 nights on Bermuda. I was there visiting a friend who was working there for a short time. It was the only vacation I had ever taken. I must say, it had to be the best choice I could have made. I fell in love with Bermuda. I love the weather, the singing little frogs and the people are the nicest people on the planet. 
I was made welcome everywhere I went. From the ferrymen to the lady stocking shelves in the market. In every place I went the people were wonderful and warm.  
I know I will never get to take another vacation, but if I did I would go back to Bermuda. I know in my heart that I would be let down if I ever went anywhere else.  
Mike (October 2011) Perfect... 
Me and my Family visited Bermuda last July. It was just a dream. The perfect water and the beaches were beautiful. The Horseshoe beach is probably the most beautiful beach in the world. Just steps little walk away from the Hotel Fairmont Southampton in which hotel we stayed. The Hotel was as perfect as everything else on that Island. We really need to go back there.... Soon! 
Jamie (August 2011) Awesome... 
My husband and I and our friends went to Bermuda from Boston via a cruise. Bermuda is one of the prettiest places we have ever been. Horseshoe and Elbow beach was absolutely gorgeous !!!!! We also went horseback riding with Mike Watson he was great and I would highly recommend him for all ages his horses were great as well. Can't wait to go back with my daughters !!!!!! 
Gagan (November 2010) Bermuda means paradise on earth... 
After our wedding, I got a chance to go to Bermuda and I think those were the best days in my life. I just love the place ...clean beaches ...nice weather ...and especially people with friendly attitude... Johnny Barnes. I have never seen a place like that...n if we believe in life after another life....I want to be born in Bermuda in my next life....want to spend n enjoy each n every moment of my life in Bermuda... love you Bermuda. 
Note for viewers: Johnny Barnes is a legendary man and a retired bus driver who cheers and waves at the commuters every morning at Crow Lane in Paget parish. 
Bridget, Chris Tero and Family (September 2010) 
On a recent cruise to Bermuda, a family first, we were greeted by warm and friendly people on our excursions. Troy from Marquis Horse and Carriage Ride with the two horses Sugar and Spice ... You can tell he takes pride in his island and all it stands for. He shared the history of the island and places of interest. He showed us things that if we were on our own we would have never seen or would have taken in as just a nice view etc. Snorkel Park is amazing for families. If you are looking to relax, this is the place. For the couple of dollars it is to get in, it's worth every penny. 
Reefcomber glassbottom and snorkeling tours was our favorite. Jason and Capt. Kirk (or Curt) made you feel right at home and they too made you understand the pride of the residents. We went out to the wreckage of the Vixen, it was the most amazing thing we have ever seen. We are looking forward to going back so that we can take this tour again during the day. Night time is beautiful, but I think you really need to do this one during the day, also if you can afford to. 
We were based at King/Heritage Warf, the security officers were friendly, informative and helpful. One in particular was a jokester...What a woman :-) We recommend the ferries to transport you from one end of the island to another, if you are only on the island for a limited amount of time, as we were. The bus rides are longer and scary. What took us an hour by bus took us like 20 minutes by ferry to reach and you were able to see more of the island. 
Lastly, Clocktower Mall is a must for souvenirs and don't forget the visit the rum cake factory with glass blowing demonstrations and check out the pottery made on the island as well. Eager to get back where the view is breath taking and the people are as warm as the weather. 
Jane Head (August 2010) His experience... 
I brought my husband to Bermuda to meet my family. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Seeing all the sights, Harbor Nights and the best feature the Gombeys. I always spoke of them and now he's seen them and enjoyed their energy. He wants to visit again. It was his first long distance flight out of Australia. 

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