Hamilton Bermuda Weather

Hi Raj, How is the weather in Hamilton? We are planning a trip in June and like to spend a lot of time in Hamilton City. Like to go around shopping, try out some of the harbor-front restaurants, walk around to see the city etc etc. Just wanted to check if weather could become the spoilsport here. 
Does it rain then? How is the temperature and what kind of clothes do you recommend we carry with us. Appreciate your time and response. 
Shane (May 2011) 
Shane, Hamilton city is a great place to spend your vacation time. Most of the activities of the island are centered around this place. Average weather in Hamilton Bermuda is no different from rest of the island as Bermuda is really tiny (about 21 square mile in size) and the general weather conditions remain same throughout the island. However I know of several occasions where it had been raining heavily at the east end in St. George's while it remained completely dry at Hamilton City. 
Now coming to your question, June falls in the summer month and is part of the peak tourist season. It's considered to be in high season mainly because weather is at its best around this time and remains so through October. The temperature in June usually varies between 73F to 81F. The average water temperature is around 77F, so it's a great time for swimming and snorkeling as well. 
You can bring light comfortable cotton wears during this time and enjoy the sun. However the high humidity (over 80%) can make it quite uncomfortable at times. If you plan to dine in some of the more formal restaurants, get a light jacket and shoes as well. 
Some of the restaurants in Bermuda follow Dress Code and expect men to wear jackets in the evening although many are relaxing such requirements these days. 
There is no rainy season or monsoon time in Bermuda. It can rain any time but usually in short spurts. In June, on an average it rains on 8 days a month. 
I suggest that you check out Bermuda Weather. It has links giving detailed weather conditions for any month along with typical day time pictures. 
Another thing for you to remember is that June is the start of the official hurricane season in Bermuda. But don't be scared. Bermuda has always been very well prepared to handle hurricane. In most cases the storms or the hurricanes get diverted away and do not strike the island. Even if they do, the severe ones are only seldom seen. Suggest you check out Bermuda Hurricane to get complete idea and information about hurricanes in Bermuda. 
Hope this helps!! 
Raj (May 2011) 
Hello. How do I find out what the forecast will be on August 14th to 20th. I understand its hurricane season then? any thing i need to know or be aware of during our stay there in Hamilton. 
Reno (August 2011) 
Hi Reno, 
To know about the general weather conditions in Bermuda during August including temperature, humidity, rainfall, cloudiness etc, check out the link below (the page also has a link describing the Bermuda Hurricanes in details, so do visit that link as well): 
You can also get the next five days weather forecast in Bermuda (and Hamilton will be no different). For this, check out www.weather.bm and select "5 day public" from the quick links. 
Raj (August 2011)