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Hi, We are travelling to Bermuda in July and will be there for two days. Can you please tell me which beaches have facilities like changing/wash rooms, beach chairs etc. We are in a group and most like to snorkel. Are snorkel equipment available at the beaches? do we have to buy them or can rent? What are the costs? Thanks for any information. 
Carol (March 2010) 
Hi Carol, Here is some information about facilities at the popular public beaches in Bermuda: 
Horseshoe Bay Beach: Full bathroom/changing facilities are available. The same are being further upgraded. There is also a beach cafe and a concession. Basic snorkel equipment, beach chairs, umbrellas are available on rent. 
Church Bay: Offers basic changing/bare facilities in portable/mobile toilets. There is a concession stand at Church Bay beach that rents snorkel equipment, underwater cameras etc. you get snacks here as well. 
Warwick Long Bay: Basic changing/toilet facilities available at the end of the beach. There is a concession stand at the beach renting snorkel gears, lounge chairs and umbrellas (usually located near the western entry to the beach). 
Jobson's Cove/StoneholeBay/Chaplin Bay: These south shore beaches are close to each other. Chemical toilet facilities are available close to the beaches. 
John Smith's Bay: Chemical toilet facilities. 
Tobacco Bay Beach: Full bathroom and changing facilities are available. The Buzz Cafe offers nice food and drinks (including bar services). A concession stand rents basic snorkel gears. beach chairs, umbrellas are available on rent. 
Elbow Beach: There are mobile toilets at the beach entrance offering only basic facilities. However we have had no problems using the full bathroom and changing facilities at the beach club of Elbow Beach Hotel which is located on the beach. No one seems to check or ask any questions. There is a concessionaire Bluewater Divers operating out of Elbow Beach Hotel premises and offers snorkel gears and scuba diving tours. A vendor at the public part of the beach rents umbrellas and chairs during summer. But you may not find him everyday. The bar and restaurant Mickey's Bistro is located right on the beach and run by Elbow Beach Hotel. It however operates only in the high season (April through October). 
Snorkel Park: Has all the facilities including restaurant and bar. You get snorkeling equipment, paddleboats, and kayaks on rent. Beach chairs and umbrellas are also available on rent. 
St. Catherine Beach: Basic facilities like portable toilets. 
Clearwater Beach: Bathroom and changing facilities available. Gombey's Bar and Restaurant is a beach bar and restaurant on the beach. It serves Bermudian food including popular jerk chicken. 
Whale Bay Beach: Toilet facilities available. No concession stand. 
Note that the rates for snorkel and other rentals vary from one place to the other. However average rental rates (for a day) are: mask and snorkel for $8, fins for $7, vests for $7, lounge chairs for $11 or sand chairs for $8. Umbrellas are $11 large or $8 regular. Bottled water or sodas at $2. Some concession stands offer snorkel equipment for $18/$20. 
If you plan to snorkel frequently, it is best to bring your own equipment. Whenever you see a good beach, if you have your own gears, you can simply plunge.... results in both personal convenience and savings. 
If you plan to buy snorkel gears, remember that Bermuda is going to be anytime more expensive that the US.  
Raj (March 2010) 
This is a great website! You have done a good job. 
I wanted to know how safe it is to swim at the Bermuda beaches? I read that tons of the Portuguese Man of War visit Bermuda waters in the summer especially in August. Is this true? What is your opinion? 
Armeen Mehta (April 2010) 
Hi, Portuguese man of war are sometimes visible in Bermuda waters or near the shore mostly during spring and early summer. However, you don't see tons of them, but occasionally. Due to storms or strong winds, they get swept towards the shore. Otherwise, these marine creatures would generally like to be in the mid sea where they can hunt for the fishes. 
I would advise you to stay far away from it if you happen to spot one. Their stings can be very painful and the venom quite poisonous. Having said that, I would also like to say that Bermuda beaches are generally very safe. Only seldom will you find visitors complaining about such man of the war. 
Check out Bermuda Beach Safety to know all about them plus the other risks that exist in Bermuda beaches, and how to avoid them. 
Raj (April 2010) 
We are visiting Bermuda by cruise in July and was wondering if you could tell us which beaches have the easiest access from bus routes for elderly parents that can't walk long stretches. Also of those beaches that you recommend, which have the calmer water for swimmers that are not the strongest. One last question would be which time of the day would you suggest taking a snorkeling cruise so that the waters are not too rough (10 am - 1 pm or 2 pm - 5 pm).  I have found wonder tips through your website. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 
Bev (June 2011) 
Shelly Bay Beach in Hamilton Parish has shallow and calm waters, and the bus stop is quite conveniently located next to it. It's a nice family beach and great for snorkeling as well. Water conditions depend on the weather and the tide. There is no such time slot which is always better for snorkeling than the other. You need to take your chances. 
Raj (June 2011) 
We are coming to Bermuda the first week in November. I know your "summer season" is April-October. My question is about the public beaches. Which beach will be open and have chair rentals for the day Nov 8th-10th Thank you for your time and assistance. 
Rebecca Dogan (July 2011) 
The only places that might have chairs and umbrellas during winter time are the Tobacco Bay Beach at St. George's and Horseshoe Bay Beach at Southampton. While all public beaches remain open, you may not find any other amenities during the winter. 
Raj (July 2011) 
I will be sailing to Bermuda on November 5th, 2011, and have a few questions. Can you please tell me if the snack stands will be open along with the bathrooms. I also heard there are no lifeguards at this time - is that true. I will be sailing with 70 guests and want to recommend this beach as long as there will be food available for purchase. What about the rental chairs. And lastly what is the weather and water temp like at this time. Thank You 
Mary Lou (July 2011) 
Bathroom and other facilities like beach chairs are usually available at the Horseshoe Bay Beach during November. This one and Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George's are probably the only two beaches where such facilities are kept open during this time. However, there is a re-development of facilities going on at the Horseshoe Bay. Therefore there may be some disruptions. Check out this link: Horseshoe Facilities 
Lifeguards are usually there only during the high season. It's unlikely there will be any lifeguards in November. Check out the following link for weather in November including water temperature: Bermuda November Weather 
Raj (July 2011) 
I have a pre cancerous condition of the skin and cannot be in the sun period, however, I still want to visit Horseshoe Beach while I am there in Sept of this year. My question is, can I rent umbrellas or are there cabanas to rent? Thank you so much for your help!!!! 
Harold Davis (July 2011) 
There is a concession that rents beach chairs and umbrellas at the Horseshoe Bay Beach. It closes in the late afternoon. There is also a beach cafe. 
Raj (July 2011) 
I just wanted to know if beach chairs are available to rent at Warwick Long Bay beach. Thank you for your help. 
Keith Kish (August 2011) 
I haven't seen beach chairs at Warwick Long Bay. Unlikely that you will get it although there is a concession stand there. 
Raj (August 2011) 
I found your website very informative. Is there any life jacket rentals available? I will be traveling with kids. 
Meena (August 2011) 
Hi Meena, 
In Bermuda, you won't generally get life vest rentals at the beaches. If you are taking a snorkeling boat tour, then the operators usually provide floats to hold on to or sometimes life jackets for kids. If you think that you really need them, it's best to bring them with you. 
Raj (August 2011) 
Thanks, Raj. Much appreciate your timely advice. 
Meena (August 2011) 
I will be going to St Georges and hamilton while on a cruise, docked at Kings Wharf. I would LOVE to gather the sea glass and am told that there is no bus to that beach. How close does the mini bus in Hamilton get, and does it come back for pick-up. Also, I think there is a smaller sea glass beach at Kings Wharf. Do you know where it is and how to get there? thanks. 
Dorothy (September 2011) 
Hi Dorothy, 
There is no mini bus services to Alexandra Beach which is located on Barry Road. It is about a mile from Kings Square of St. George's and should take about 30-35 mins by walk. The walk up to the beach is a little uphill. Unless you take a taxi and keep it with you, you will need to walk back because getting a transport from the beach may not be easy. If you are visiting this beach, also check out the Building Beach adjacent to Alexandra. You may have better luck there collecting sea glasses. 
The sea glass beach near Kings Wharf is known a Black Bay and Sea Glass Beach. While you can walk from the dockyard (takes about 25 minutes), keep in mind that there are no side walks. So best is to take a bus and get down at the Royal Naval Cemetery at Malabar Road. Across the road take the Albert Row and walk for about 300 yards bearing right. You will reach a patio that appears like a private property. From here there is a stairway that leads down to this small beach. Remember the best time to go here is during the low tide. During the high tide, the beach almost disappears. 
Good luck!! 
Raj  (September 2011) 
PS: Check out Bermuda Sea Glass Beaches for more information on sea glasses. 
I am a collector of seashells and seaglass. To personally find them myself, is my greatest joy and best souvenir from anywhere. Can u recommend  an area where i may find unbroken seashells and seaglass. Please let me know how to get to each. We will be coming on a cruise Sept 25 to Oct 2. Also, do u know when the glow worms will be out that time? Thank u so much for all your great info, Elaine 
Elaine Langroth (September 2011) 
Hi Elaine, 
There are three beaches in Bermuda that are great for sea glasses and shells. One is quite close to the Kings Wharf Dockyard where your cruise ship is likely to dock. The other two are in St. George's at the eastern end of Bermuda but adjacent to each other. For sea glass, check out Bermuda Sea Glass Beaches and know how to access the beaches and what can you expect there. 
Glow worms can be seen May through November, once every month and 2 to 3 nights after the full moon. Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) and Bermuda Zoological Society organize the boat tours for tourist to witness the spectacle. You can find the likely dates in their sites. Check out Bermuda Glow Worms for details: 
Raj  (September 2011) 
Do you know if horseshoe bay, tobacco bay, and Jobson cove closes at what time? We'll be there May 2 to May 4, 2012. Is horseshoe bay close to Jobson cove? Distance/ travel time? And thank you so much for your website! I planned out all my excursions using JUST your website! It has everything I need to plan out our stay!! Thanks so much!!!! 
Nickey Vu (February 2012) 
Hi, All the public beaches in Bermuda close by sunset. Although there may not always be police patrols or coast guards to ensure this, all are supposed to vacate the beaches before dark. 
Jobson's Cove is to the east of Horseshoe Bay along the south shore, and about 0.75 miles away. You can either take bus #7 from South Road near Horseshoe Bay to reach Jobson's cove in few minutes, or alternatively take the lovely walking trail from Horseshoe along the sandy dunes. Check out the following link for the trail:  
Have a great time in Bermuda! Please share your experience with me once you come back. 
Raj  (February 2012) 
Thank you so very much for your insight and guidance regarding all things Bermuda on your website. Yours website is the absolute "Go To" site for people planning a trip to this lovely island.  
I need your help with some info.  Our family of 4 will be on a RC cruise docking at King's Wharf on Sat. Sept 1, 2012 for 8 hrs.  We are pretty sure we want to go to 1 or 2 of the Warwick beaches via bus #7. I am somewhat concerned that we will have a hard time getting a bus for the return trip as I hear they can be crowded. Any tips re: how much time we should set aside for the return trip. I don't want to spend the day being nervous about getting back. Also,how much would a round trip cost for 2 adults and 2 teens? Your insight is very much appreciated! Thank you again for your fabulous website on Bermuda! 
Nancy Sielaff (April 2012) 
Hello again! Re: previous email-transportation questions to Warwick from Kings wharf. Just a thought - Are there any food concessions/bathrooms at Warwick Beach or do we need to go to Horseshoe Bay instead as we will not be able to bring food with us from the ship? Do you have any suggestions? I wanted to go to Warwick for more privacy. 
Best regards, 
Nancy Sielaff  (April 2012) 
Hi Nancy, trying to answer both your questions here: 
Bus service on weekdays is quite frequent (every 20/30 mins during the daytime). It gets slower in the late evenings, Sundays and public holidays. You are arriving on a Saturday, so you are okay. It takes about 30mins to reach Warwick Long Bay beach from the dockyard by bus #7 that runs along the South Road and passes by most of the south shore beaches. 
Avoid the rush hours (i.e. basically the office hours). The best time to ride a bus in Bermuda is between 9:30am - 3:30pm and then after 6pm. So if you plan to get back to your ship by 3:30pm, you should be okay. Budget enough time (well over 1hour) while getting back from the beach (factoring in the maximum wait time at the bus stop in the worst case). 
If you plan to hop on and off, then buy a transportation pass for a day ($12 for an adult, half for age between 5-16). This will give you unlimited rides for the day. A point to point bus fare in cash will cost $4.5 one way ($2 for age 5-16). You will need to tender exact cash each time. You will get the pass at the visitors center at the dockyard itself. 
There is a seasonal concession at Warwick Long Bay selling snorkel gears etc but no food. There is a basic toilet there. For food, either you can go back to Horseshoe Bay, or further up along South Road for Swizzle Inn South Shore. It's a branch of the Swizzle Inn pub and located in Warwick Parish (87, south Road). It's quite close to Warwick Long Bay Beach and reachable by bus #7. You will get essentially pub fares like burgers, sandwiches etc. If you decide to go back to Horseshoe Bay, then you need not go down to the beach for the beach cafe. You can try out Tio Pepe near the Horseshoe Bay bus stop and on South Road itself. It's a nice restaurant serving Italian and other fares. 
Hope this helps! 
Raj  (April 2012) 
I would love to know where my husband and I can purchase our own beach umbrella and chairs...he has skin cancer and we like to go to secluded beaches...thanks 
Michelle Sparks (May 2012) 
Hi, There are several stores in Hamilton city selling beach chairs, umbrellas and other beach gears. You can try the Phoenix on Reid Street or Masters Ltd on Bull's Head, Dundonald Street, both at Hamilton. They sell folding beach chairs and umbrellas. You can ask the hotel or taxi driver for direction. Regards, 
Raj  (May 2012) 
In Bermuda Aug 1 through Aug 3. Easy way to get to John Smith beach Shelly Bay and Elbow beach from dockyard. 
Bruce Pirmann (July 2012) 
Hi, about reaching the beaches you mentioned from Dockyard: 
Elbow Beach: Bus #7. The beach is in Paget parish and requires some 500 yards of downhill walk from the bus stop. 
John Smiths: Take a ferry (Blue Route) to Hamilton. Take Bus #1 or #3 from the central bus terminal and get off at Devil's Hole in Smith's parish. 
Shelly Bay: Take a ferry (Blue Route) to Hamilton. Take Bus #10 or #11 from the central bus terminal to reach Shelly Bay in Hamilton Parish. 
Raj  (July 2012) 
Good Afternoon, 
I will be traveling with 3 girlfriends to Bermuda via Royal Caribbean on August 11. We will be docked on Aug 13 and 14, and want to maximize our times at two beaches: Horseshoe Bay Beach and Elbow Beach. Would the quickest, most economical way to travel there from the dock be the bus or ferry? Also, because there are 4 of us, could a taxi perhaps be cheaper (since we could split the cost?) 
If we opt for public transportation, what time do the buses/ferries start running in the morning? We are early birds and want to get some time on the beaches before they get too crowded. Is there a location in Kings Wharf where we can buy tickets/passes? 
Last, do you recommend beaches other than the two I mentioned?  I wanted to experience a pink sand beach, but am open to any other beaches as long as they are beautiful, fairly easy to get to, and not too crowded. This is my first time traveling to Bermuda and I really want to enjoy the beaches. Thank you for your help and advice. 
Ms. Tene Williams (August 2012) 
There are no ferries to the south shore beaches. You will need to either take a bus (#7) or taxi. Taxi won't be cheaper for 4 of you. In any case on your way back you may not get a taxi, unless you ask the driver to come back at a fixed time to pick you up and he agrees. There are no taxi stands at the beaches. For two days, buy transportation passes (available at the Visitors Information Center at the dockyard and very close to Kings Wharf pier). That will be the  cheapest and most convenient option. You can use the pass both in buses and ferries for unlimited rides during its validity period. 
Bus #7 starts operating at 8:20am from the dockyard and goes by the south shore beaches. If you want to come earlier, you will need a taxi. 
I personally prefer Warwick Long Bay beach over Elbow beach because it's comparatively less crowded. But both are great beaches. 
Have a great time in Bermuda. 
Raj  (August 2012) 
First, thank you so much for your quick response. I'm very impressed. If you don't mind, I have a couple of follow-up questions: I will take your advice and visit Warwick Long Bay Beach instead, but can you let me know the best way to get there? Also, is there beach chair/umbrella rental available on that beach? What about restaurants/food vendors? I have been trying to get an accurate weather report for next Monday and Tuesday (Aug 13 and 14), and cannot find one.  I realize that it's a little in advance, but those are the two days we'll be docked, and I'm hoping we have beach weather those days (or at least from 9am - 3pm) Is there any other attraction you recommend? Or, any really good bars/restaurants that aren't overpriced near the beaches? My friends and I are complete beach bums, but would be willing to see other sights as well. I will definitely go onto your website and give it a great rating. Thanks again for your help. 
Ms. Tene Williams  (August 2012) 
At Warwick Long Bay, there is basic changing/toilet facilities available at the end of the beach. There is also a concession stand renting snorkel gears (but no beach chairs/umbrellas). Take bus #7 from the dockyard. If you are looking for a restaurant/bar close to the beach, you can try the Italian restaurant Tio Pepe located near the entrance of Horseshoe Bay Beach and on the main south shore road. Regards, 
Raj  (August 2012) 
My husband and I are coming to Bermuda by cruise in about two weeks. We have been to Horseshoe bay many times and love the beauty of the beach and water. Is the beach open all hours of the day, I would love to see the beach at sunset. Can't wait to be back on Horseshoe bay 
Peggy Slaughter (August 2012) 
All public beaches in Bermuda are open from Dawn till sunset, and so is Horseshoe Bay beach. Public beaches are closed after sunset. There are no entry fees. 
Raj (August 2012) 
Can you tell me if there is a concession stand at Church Bay for the 2013 season and if so, do they have chairs/water? Thank you so much for your help? 
PS. Is there a concession stand at Whale Bay? 
Pauline Bunt (May 2013) 
Hi, The contract for the person (Louie) who was running the concession stand at Church Bay has not been renewed. So until a new contract is assigned, there won't be a concession there. Hopefully they will do it soon. There is no concession stand at Whale bay. 
Raj ( May 2013 
I can walk, but have had problems in the past walking out of the water at beaches because of the slope right at the edge of the ocean. Are there any beaches with flat access or even stairs that actually go into the water, for easy access? Thanks for your excellent site. 
Linda Bushyager (July 2013) 
In the link below, I have discussed the beaches that have shallows and calm water. You should be able to easily get into and out of water. 
Raj ( July 2013 
Hi, we are going on a cruise to Bermuda in a few weeks with a child and we do not like to walk very much. I understand that its easy to take a taxi from the dock and it will take you straight to a beach of your choice, but how do we get back without gong back to the main road and looking for a taxi stand? Any beaches that you can recommend that have taxis waiting for you to take you back to the ship? Thank you very much 
Ross Zurawski (August 2013) 
Hi, Taxis usually wait at the Horseshoe Bay Beach. But you may not always get one. In Horseshoe, there is a shuttle service from the beach to the main road where you get the bus back to dockyard. Alternatively take the minibus service run by Affordable Ride (Mike Tucker) from the dockyard. The minibus makes several round trips during the day to the south shore beaches like Horseshoe, Church Bay, Warwick Long Bay, Elbow Beach etc. You can hop on and hop off. Round trip fare is $15 per person. Regards, 
Raj ( August 2013 
What type of swimsuit attire is seen on the beaches -- do women wear bikinis or other immodest swimsuits? If so, what beaches would be most private and modest? Thank you for your answers.  
Linda Petsu (March 2015) 
Bermuda is relatively more conservative than many other western countries. And this is also reflected in dress code including beachwear. Women commonly wear bikinis. 
Raj ( March 2015 
I plan on going to Horseshoe Bay everyday for the 3 days I'm there w/ family of 11. I want to bring my 10'x10' Quick Shade beach tent to shade as many of us as possible, and to avoid all the costs of multiple umbrellas. We will already be renting 11 chairs as it is. Are these permitted to bring on the beach with us? There is no obstructing of views for other beach goers as the tent is fully open except for a canopy covering. 
Susan Meagher (May 2015) 
I have seen tourists bringing their own folding umbrellas to beaches in Bermuda, but a beach tent as large as that? In a crowded beach like Horseshoe, some eyebrows may be raised. But how will you bring that stuff to the beach? Buses won't allow such things if that takes up space. You need to then take a taxi, and then the cost may not justify. Another point although not directly related... setting up tents for camping purpose is not allowed at any public beach in Bermuda without prior permissions. So your beach tent could trigger the coast guards to question you if you have such intentions although you may not. 
Raj ( May 2015 
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