Things you need to know about Babymoon in Bermuda

Getting away together before the stork actually arrives with the newest addition to your family, is always a good idea. A Baby moon is a special time to spend those precious few days together savouring the way life is about to change forever. Bermuda is one of the most preferred Baby moon destinations now and this article will tell you all you need to know for a delightful Baby moon here. 

Why is Bermuda so great for a Baby Moon?

It’s so easy to get to Bermuda from major USA cities like Atlanta, Miami, Boston and New York…major airlines provide nonstop connectivity. The perfect sub-tropical weather is totally baby moon friendly thanks to the warmth generated by the Gulf Stream nearby. 
But the most advantageous factor about Bermuda is that it’s totally Zika free and there are no documented presences of the virus anywhere around the island. And of course the Instagram worthy pink sand beaches of the island, its rich marine life, parks and reserves and above all…the warm welcoming people here, makes Bermuda a great destination. 

Best Hotels for your Babymoon

A major decision you should carefully take before you finalise your baby moon in Bermuda is choosing which part of Bermuda to stay in. the best nightlife, restaurants and lounges along with most lucrative shopping opportunities are in Hamilton while the most beautiful resorts are along the magnificent south shore line i.e. Paget, Warwick and Southampton. Choose what you want the most and then select the location. 
The Coco Reef Resort and the Elbow Beach hotel offer a good mix…they are in naturally beautiful locations but you can reach downtown Hamilton in less than half an hour. If nature is your priority then Pompano Beach Club and The Reefs resort are both great though it will take you more than 40 minutes to reach Hamilton from them. The Reef resort has an outdoor Jacuzzi and its water facing cottages are in heavy demand amongst baby mooners. 
The Fairmont Southampton too is perfect for Baby mooners. You will have a private beach club, spa and golf course besides a bevy of dining options and unlimited ferry access to the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club. The latter has the Exhale Spa that provides great pre natal massages. The South Shore Park with its coves and natural splendour is right next door to Fairmont Southampton, so there is no dearth of quality beach time. 
Another great Baby moon hotel choice will be the Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel in Paget. If staying in Hamilton Parish is a priority on your baby moon and money isn’t so much of a restraint that the lovely Grotto Bay Beach Resort is a great choice. Some rooms do have an uphill walk but all of them have superlative water views. There is a private beach, spa, Water Park and fabulous restaurants attached to the resort. Prenatal massage inside a special cave is one of the outstanding experiences of Grotto Bay. 
Most of these resorts have dedicated Baby moon packages that include private romantic dinners, pre natal yoga, photo shoots, dancing, glass bottom boat tours and candle light meals. 

Activities: Sightseeing and Shopping

There are so many things you can do on your Bermuda baby moon that are utterly relaxing and peaceful. For example, you could go on a long peaceful walk on Shelly Bay Beach near Hamilton city. The waters here are undisturbed and shallow and you can even wet your toes as you explore the beach trail... Or if you are staying in St George area then visiting Tobacco Bay for a sunset/ sunrise break picnic can be a lovely idea. 
Bermuda has so many beautiful sunset points and you should really try to catch some of them on your baby moon. If you are feeling fit and active perhaps you could even venture to the lovely Achilles Bay beach (northeast to St George) and soak in the magnificence of mother-nature. And then of course there are the superlatively pretty South Shore beaches …with numerous hidden spots like Jobson’s Cove
Warwick Long Bay with its high dramatic rocky formations and photo opportunities is another popular choice amongst baby mooners. If you feel like taking an easy hike then you can even hike to Jobson’s Cove from Warwick Long Bay along the south shore sandy trail…you may even find some colorful sea glasses along this stretch. 
A day spent in the idyllic Somerset village may be the perfect baby moon activity. The UNESCO World heritage city of St George is full of old historical sights and can become a great place for a day of sightseeing. Don’t forget to visit the Lili Bermuda Perfumery (Stuart Hall in St George) and carry back a bottle of 2 of the magical potions that Isabelle Ramsay Brackstone creates. Lili Bermuda 32 N and Lili Bermuda 64 W are two top picks. 
St George’s Home here is now called the Tucker House and it now boasts of the cutest bookshop on the island. Called ‘Long Story Short’ the bookstore specialises in books about women …If you are in St George on Tuesdays then you are in luck as this is when Market Nights are celebrated. There is a beautiful store run by Kelly Diel in Somers Wharf Complex on Water Street St George….colored sea glass jewelry set off with precious metal wires is sold here. 
While wandering around on the island you will be struck by the circular limestone gates inside parks, hotel properties and even private properties. These China inspired architectural elements are lovingly referred as Moongates and locals believe that they possess happy charms and walking under them brings lasting joy. This is definitely something you should do on your baby moon…walk under the moon gates and pray for luck. The moon gates at Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Shelly Bay Beach, and Tobacco Bay Beach are very picturesque and popular and if you visit major hotels like Grotto Beach Resort, Hamilton Princess and Pompano Beach Club then you will find that they have moon gates too. 
Bermuda’s beauty is best explored walking around and babymooners will find the numerous nature trails and walking trails like railway trail (that can be done DIY) delightful. Know more about the best Bermuda walking trails here
If you want to know about the Bermuda Shopping scene in detail then you would do good to read our extensive page on Bermuda Shopping. Did you know that there is no sales tax in Bermuda but there are Import duties? So when shopping on your Baby moon lean towards buying stuff that’s non imported and manufactured right here in Bermuda. 
Baby mooners will love the Irish Linen Shop in front street inside Hamilton city…it has an enviable collection of handstiched baby layette sets, booties and embroidered dresses. Then there is Otto Worz on the corner where Front Street joins Bermudiana Road…there is a good collection of wooden handcrafted local toys. For one of a kind jewellery Walker Christopher on Front Street Hamilton is the best destination. Locals say that the goldsmiths here create their pieces from treasures washed out on the Bermudian shores. 
Incidentally Harbour night celebrations are held every Wednesday during summer in Hamilton…shops remain open on these days till 9 p.m. or even later. For local stationary and fancy paper for printing your baby shower invites visit Pulp and Circumstance on Washington Lane. 
The Clocktower Mall in the Dockyard area is a good shopping hub too. Find local Bermuda craft in Bermuda Triangle. Little Drawbridge Gift Shop and The Bermuda Shop are other good stops for local art and craft. 
If the mother to be craves some beauty sessions on her baby moon then Salon Visage (Reid Street) and Ja Nauzi’s (Front Street) in Hamilton are both good choices. Then there is Gillian’s Face and Body Clinic on South Shore Road that has won multiple awards for its organic beauty treatments. 
Most baby mooners in Bermuda love to go on glass bottom boat tours that’s done in comfortable air conditioned boats with a transparent glass floor so that you can admire the awesome underwater life floating by. The western waters tour, feeding fishes, spotting celebrity homes and admiring the Straights of Paradise (beautiful secluded islands) as well as Fairylands Creek (rich and the famous dwell here) are some of the best experiences. Choose from the best operators having the most comfortable boats like Destiny Water Tours and Reef Explorer…you can read about operator offerings and tours here
Then there are lovely Sunset Cruises which feature food and drinks, gorgeous sunsets and music and often there is dancing too…the perfect recipe for a fun evening on your baby moon. 
If you read the local transport page of Bermuda then you will know that instead of traditional rental cars there are mini four wheeled electric vehicles allowed in Bermuda due to environmental concerns. These can carry two people easily so getting somewhere in Bermuda is not a problem even if you don’t feel like walking all the time. Many leading hotels in Bermuda including the Fairmont properties, Rosedon, Coral Beach and Tennis Club, The Loren at Pink Beach etc. all offer mini car rentals to guests. Else contact Current Vehicles directly, they are the best mini car providers in Bermuda. Get all the details of minicars in Bermuda from this page

Top Restaurants for Babymooners

The Island has Afro European roots and that’s why the cuisine is so diverse and completely focused on local produce. This is a great thing for Baby mooners who will definitely put ‘eating healthy’ at the top of their priority list. So many of traditional Bermudian meals like codfish and potato (very popular Sunday breakfast item) that’s served with local banana, avocado and egg are power packed vitamin rich meals. Even the traditional Bermudian fish chowder that’s a stewed dish with vegetables is super healthy though you may want to go easy on the sherry pepper sauce that accompanies it. 
The codfish cakes cooked with salty cod, parsley and onion and served on piping hot cross buns are again a hearty balanced meal.  Incidentally Cod fish is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and is anti-inflammatory besides being one of the top foods that boost foetal brain development!! 
Speaking of food one of the best restaurants you can visit during your Bermuda Baby moon is Ascots that’s right on the fringes of Hamilton Parish. Gorgeous landscaping, country inn style décor, beautifully presented food and non-alcoholic champagne…it has everything that a pregnant heart can desire. For more low key stuff check out the giant fish sandwiches at the Seaside Grill on North Shore Road in Devonshire Parish…with sides of Cole slaw and fries they can satisfy even the most ravenous appetite. 
If Organic food is what you are looking for the Devils Isle Café (Burnaby Street, Hamilton City) will not disappoint. You need to get there before 11 a.m. to catch the Avocado crush …its super recommended for would be moms. Then there are lovely dishes like house roasted chicken with cheese, kale and pumpkin focaccia. If you are drinking wine then a sparkling rose blend named Frizzante can only be found at Devils Isle Cafe…pair it with the beet cheese olive and bread charcuterie board and you have a colourful and healthy meal. 
If you are a steak loving duo then visit Waterlott Inn in Southampton…the views of tiny boats bobbing on the water will charm you. If you are looking for a more upscale experience then Blu Bar and Grill has the most extensive menu in Bermuda and you will find everything from Indian to Pasta to Sushi here. For sunset dinners the Ocean Club Restaurant is perfect and so is the 1609 Bar and Restaurant. If it’s Friday night and you are up for some music then Mickey’s Beach Bar and Bistro at Elbow Beach has a good live band plus tasty seafood platters. 
If you are fond of the dainty English afternoon tea tradition then the island offers plenty of options for you. There is the Conservatory at Rosewood which serves an elegant tea session in a courtyard with retractable roof overlooking the harbour. There is Jasmine Lounge at Fairmont Southampton (X Temporarily Closed) and Sweet P at the Lili Bermuda perfumery location in Stuart Hall. 
When you are sightseeing around the island and feel like a quick snack (babymooners need to have frequent snack breaks) you will find that the multiple locations of Buzz Cafe are a good choice. And should you want a hearty breakfast before kick-starting your day then Bouchee on Pitts Bay Road Hamilton is the perfect spot to hit….they are even Vegan friendly. 
Though Baby moons are generally relaxed holidays…every couple is different so expectations about baby moons will also be different. The great thing about Bermuda is that it offers enough variety to suit the wishes of almost every parent to be!! 
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